A R A K I | A K A R I | A K I R A

Pls pls pls pay attention to all the soundtracks included in my post, infantile as they might seem This is what I look like right now. I’ve got my baphomet tshirt on, inside out, with an illustration of me by Levi. And a little bun! I like to think of it as a ballerina bunContinue reading “A R A K I | A K A R I | A K I R A”


In NO small part inspired by various findings on Pinterest! Incase you can’t read my writing, today I’ve been building a set for a kids-channel I’m setting up on YouTube. (In between making atleast 3 x memes and… another thing I’m gonna try) I’m going to take a break from all the multitasking, tidy upContinue reading “F L O W A Z”


In the past someone told me that they thought it was a little weird that I liked posting photos of objects/rooms, stuff & minutiae. I LOVE ever-changing environments/interiors. My room is chaotic & I really wanted to share this hella cute colour palette, before everything gets scrapped, repainted, reupholstered, wall papered, the floor ripped out…Continue reading “RED XIII”

M U S T A R D, I V O R Y, S K Y B L U E, R E D & B L A C K

Today I’m really feeling Michael Vollbracht and Gustav Klimt. Two contrasting interpretations of the female form. The Klimt is titled “Allegory of Sculpture” Then I started looking around me for inspiration and the colours of the day seem to be blue and white. Starting with the walls of the box room my parents are turningContinue reading “M U S T A R D, I V O R Y, S K Y B L U E, R E D & B L A C K”