Different people have different methods of getting things done, and I think the majority of successful people are the sort that focus their attention onto a single project at a time. At one point I felt an inability to be consistent with any single idea I had, so I would often start things that would never see completion. Or I’d just not-do-anything. I am the kind of person that simply cannot find any satisfaction in focusing my attention onto a single project at a time. I am too easily inspired, too happily occupied by a vast emotional spectrum that dominates how I spend my time and how I express myself. I need a project per mood, I also need enough self acceptance to do nothing-at-all. The One-Thing-At-A-Time method DOES NOT work for me. I like to have many little projects going at once, and I work on whatever invites the least resistance in me. Kind of like a bee hopping from flower to flower. It might take a lot longer to get a result – but if I limited myself to a single thing: I would never get anything done. Nothing about me is one-tracked. I have a lot going on internally.

I think I wrote this incase someone like-minded wanted some validation for their internal conflict. Like – maybe you’re inundated with ideas that are fighting over your headspace. Maybe you do yourself a great disservice by only picking one. ANYWAY

Firstly: >> I recently blogged about a zine I intend to self publish << and my >> call for submissions << is ending in 2ish days. I’m about twenty five or so pages into putting it together and I’m very happy. I don’t have the desired 77 pages… but there’s still time. If you would like to be published in a glossy indie zine maybe you should >> check it out. <<

Secondly: This is an early-stage mock-up of another project that I am quite excited about. I’ve been on/off doing this for years. I guess I just really wanted to finally share. I am in a sharing mood, which is kinda unusual for me – in school I was the kind of person to keep my work hidden from everyone else. At my BA degree show I exhibited my work under ‘Anonymous’.

I’ll show you but I’ll keep it relatively ambiguous. It looks nothing like the new version I’ve been gradually working on for the last few months.






It’s been a long time since I felt like documenting things.

Years ago, before Instagram and even before I started using Facebook – I used to carry a camera around with me wherever I went. I loved to create memories and lived for capturing the little things that I saw so much beauty in. For awhile I stopped doing that. For about three years I lived a life I didn’t think was worth documenting or remembering at all, and carrying a camera around gave me an anxiety I associated with not wanting to take up space. Right now I am full of appreciation for the worst moments I experienced because I know that things can – and must – change. If you’re in an unhappy place: (and I have been in maybe all the unhappy places – so I say this with certainty) it’s temporary.
It might last an age, but it won’t last forever.

So I thought I’d talk a little about where I am in life right now.

I am charging up a spirit bomb of projects intended for print, that; upon collective completion – I’d like to think will be a defining stage in my creative identity. I don’t feel quite right talking about these projects yet, but I will talk about one! The justification being that it couldn’t exist if I didn’t talk about it.

I’m currently putting together a 77 page zine called Scribble Scribble! A mess-aesthetic passion project I see as a very limited edition glossy print. Essentially it’s a curation of art pieces contributed by friends and strangers, and there’s already a really unusual narrative forming, connecting the pieces together in a way I hadn’t imagined. It’s so exciting to put together. The internet is so magical.

I’ve wanted to self publish a zine since I was around twenty-two, so its been five years coming. This is a mock up of the front cover.


The aesthetic is inspired by a girl’s bathroom I wandered into one night around May of this year, when I was living in Copenhagen.


In other, less future-oriented news, I recently visited the Tate Britain and it was so much fun! I walked around taking photographs of strangers interacting with art, came home with a few postcards (one of which is featured in the little collage above) and a gorgeous coffee table book (which I should scan in at some point!) and most importantly an even deeper determination to create-create-create. If you are looking to be inspired I encourage you to visit an art gallery.
Here’s a video of my Instagram stories from that night.

2017 has been one of the best years of my life. It hasn’t been tremendously eventful but I’ve developed a lot as an individual with the help of some really special people (friends/youtubers/abraham hicks and alan watts!) and I am so happy right now.