I have had several bowls of coco pops today. I was actually really dwelling on how I am now one of those people that consumes cereals more than once a day. I’m a poor sim. (Nono, this is the second or third day I’ve been eating cereals. I’m in it for the chocolate milk. MyContinue reading “VIBES”


I’m going to be very tacky and announce I’ve relocated to a wonderful studio flat in Brighton in the form of a shopping list. I’m playing around with the idea of authoring a book on interior design. Tile Trivet, Picasso’s Ceramics Cafe, Painted by me Tulips (Sainsburys, Brighton) sitting in a bottle of Maple SyrupContinue reading “B R I G H T O N”


It’s 8 AM. I’m already active, I’ve pottered about and returned to >> the bathroom << for my garment dying adventure. As written in the last evenings post, I’m due for a visit to my doctors to have some very serious discussions. It makes me sad to think about the discussions that need to beContinue reading “DYING RETIRED GARMENTS PT II”


How do you inoffensively write a speech impediment? The video above is a montage of >> Cheese << dialogue, a character from the kids show on Cartoon Network called Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Kindly uploaded by @Sara Nelowe Here is a screenshot taken from his >> wikia page. << It is 7 minutes toContinue reading “CEERWEEAL”

Le Kitchen

I love in-oven shots. RECIPE Almond Oil, Apple, Double Cream, Garlic, Leek, Lemon, Mint, Paprika, Red Onion, Sausages, Sesame Seeds, Spring Onion and [a fresh] Tomato A decanter? As a vase? Really? Really. MADNESS. Ma is somewhat of a plants-dedicate and she doesn’t appreciate the lugubriousness of flowers. She associates them with death. My spiritualContinue reading “Le Kitchen”


I had a busy and expensive evening. I HIRED A PROGRAMMER FROM >>FIVERR.<< I’m keeping no secrets about this, you know everything I do is exciting. Easter Eggs galore. It is now 6 AM and SPEAKING OF IXTA EGGS: I made one of those horrendously self indulgent breakfasts. I had to take a break inContinue reading “DREAMLAND”


An old blog entry REPLACE NAMES Fairy boy was a guy I knew and fancied in primary school. If you knew his name you’d laugh. 00000093 January 22nd, 2009 Karina says: (23:22:07) I sent a message Karina says: (23:22:10) to fairy boy earlier Karina says: (23:22:11) and hes not replied Karina says: (23:22:14) dickhead KarinaContinue reading “A STARBUCKS DATE”

B A B Y P I N K & G R E Y

Inspired by – and by inspired I mean I completely ripped off – >> this pin << I was thinking of some shitto from essex who clearly failed year 8 biology & probably doesn’t know what beta means (I fucking LOVE urban dictionary┬álike, it’s just so much more fun than the oxford dictionary. It’s aContinue reading “B A B Y P I N K & G R E Y”