BRIGHTON interiors Nagging STYLE WIDT


I have had several bowls of coco pops today. I was actually really dwelling on how I am now one of those people that consumes cereals more than once a day. I’m a poor sim. (Nono, this is the second or third day I’ve been eating cereals. I’m in it for the chocolate milk. My budget doesn’t permit chocolate milk. My guilt function makes it really difficult to buy things that I need to recycle because I hate to wash the packaging so I leave it sitting in the sink and end up binning it anyway.)

My Tescos shop is coming in on Tuesday, I think. I’ll have to snoop around for a pound or two for some extra milk.


I am waiting for paint and glue to dry. My artists studio? um flat? has gotten twenty times cuter. I am pretending to be riche with a £12 William Morris-ish wallpaper I bought from Wilkos by pasting it into the cupboard. It has changed the vibe of my flat from at least one angle.

I bought that trunk for about ten pounds and I’ve been doing little things to it. The lady in the shop said it was from the Victorian Era (she might’ve said inspired by or something to that effect) but I don’t know that they had turquoise dyes back then. It’s unimportant because I love it.


Here is me donning some shorts I dyed purple when I was living at Bernie’s.



I’m going to be very tacky and announce I’ve relocated to a wonderful studio flat in Brighton in the form of a shopping list. I’m playing around with the idea of authoring a book on interior design.


Tile Trivet, Picasso’s Ceramics Cafe, Painted by me


Tulips (Sainsburys, Brighton) sitting in a bottle of Maple Syrup with hand painted gold handle.

If you want to test the tap water of a new home, buy some flowers. See how they react to it.



Eulogia Coffee Table – (Online) Urban Outfitters, Mint Trunk – Habitat in Brighton, Slate Coaster – Amazon, Concrete Vase – Hackney Charity Shop Find, Gold Metallic Paint (Online) Cass Art, Mickey Mouse hand cream – Superdrug, Oil Burner – Amazon, Red Tassel taken from a perfume I received two birthdays ago.


I’m doing the energy-redirecting Botticelli’s Venus pose here, my knees aren’t positioned at different heights. Actually if you saw how I was balancing on a chair you’d appreciate how proud of myself I was for balancing so well.


Bunny Slipper Socks – Tiger, Coat – Jigsaw (Second hand), Striped Knickers – probably from Tescos circa more than ten years ago, Cardigan – Marks & Spencers (Second Hand)


Frisian Cow Milk Jug – Tiger, Brighton, Tulips – Sainsburys, Brighton


Lucky Cat Sponge Holder – Tiger, Brighton, Slate Coaster – Amazon, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee – Sainsburys

I look moody but I’m euphoric. Refer to >> this instagram post. << Secret: I stole this joke from a Horrible Histories book – I think it was one about the Victorians.



The day I arrived, I went out when the shoppes were closing and bumped into Habitat, quite concerned that I wouldn’t find a place to buy things from before closing time. Habitat was open though and had many beautiful items. I bought my new favourite sheets ever. I don’t want to be one of those people that buys a room full of items from one shoppe though, on the same season.


Oh – and I’m being tremendously military-bohemian here.


M U S T A R D, I V O R Y, S K Y B L U E, R E D & B L A C K

Today I’m really feeling Michael Vollbracht and Gustav Klimt. Two contrasting interpretations of the female form. The Klimt is titled “Allegory of Sculpture”


Then I started looking around me for inspiration and the colours of the day seem to be blue and white.

Starting with the walls of the box room my parents are turning into an office for me (currently though, my “bedroom”) and this strange little mirror my sister picked up from a charity shoppe a few years ago. Then, my work uniform. (I stole a shirt from my dad’s wardrobe, because most of my clothes are still sitting in suitcases in my mother’s entrance. Terrible, I know.)


Then I went out to run some errands (sat in the car daydreaming while my dad ran some errands) and saw this…


While my mother was looking through my Fashion Illustration coffee table book she observed one piece featuring a woman holding an apple – she said “This is Eve holding an apple, and of course the apple is fashion” Loved it.


I *love* overlapping tracing paper with scribbles on to find new shapes…


I asked my sister what her dream dress was, and she said “A-line babydoll” – “WITH RUFFLES!” Thanks sis! Abraham Hicks says that in order to create, you have to start with things that don’t matter. It’s been a long time since I studied how to draw fabric, so I watched this video on how to draw ruffles.

The pose is Klimt. The mood is Vollbracht.


Even if you have the skills to draw like a master you will never be one. But no one can replicate a scribble.


“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
Pablo Picasso – a scorpio, duh.

So begins part II of this entry. And what scribble journey begins without Picasso energy? I did this thinking of Picasso, with a Klimt coffee table in front of me, hence the gold I guess. I think it is really important to feel comfortable making mistakes – in college I got told off because I would throw my work away when it didn’t look the way I wanted it to. I threw piles of sheets/entire sketchbooks in the bin. Learn to find something that you like in everything you do – in this, I liked the textures. Playing with the vibe I got from overlapped tracing paper I kinda messed around with it on Photoshop. Fun.

007 copy.png

Today I was feeling Rodarte and Yoshitaka Amano. I need to work on style. I love how Rodarte draws legs, I love the atmosphere of and movement in Amano’s lines.


This was my first attempt. I love the skyblue/black combination.


My favourite scribbles though – and I actually advise this – occurred when I was listening to music in the car. I’ve never scribbled in a moving car before because I’m usually off in dreamland but tonight some distant thought urged me to bring my sketchbook along for the ride.

fav 3.png