I have had several bowls of coco pops today. I was actually really dwelling on how I am now one of those people that consumes cereals more than once a day. I’m a poor sim. (Nono, this is the second or third day I’ve been eating cereals. I’m in it for the chocolate milk. MyContinue reading “VIBES”


I’m going to be very tacky and announce I’ve relocated to a wonderful studio flat in Brighton in the form of a shopping list. I’m playing around with the idea of authoring a book on interior design. Tile Trivet, Picasso’s Ceramics Cafe, Painted by me Tulips (Sainsburys, Brighton) sitting in a bottle of Maple SyrupContinue reading “B R I G H T O N”

M U S T A R D, I V O R Y, S K Y B L U E, R E D & B L A C K

Today I’m really feeling Michael Vollbracht and Gustav Klimt. Two contrasting interpretations of the female form. The Klimt is titled “Allegory of Sculpture” Then I started looking around me for inspiration and the colours of the day seem to be blue and white. Starting with the walls of the box room my parents are turningContinue reading “M U S T A R D, I V O R Y, S K Y B L U E, R E D & B L A C K”