I’ve had a fun weekend and it’s only Saturday. I offered to intern at a cafe today but the guy that owns it apparently already has an intern. Apparently she “does ballet”. I ought to have asked “what on EARTH do YOU know about ballet?” but I didn’t because he kindly gave me a discountContinue reading

GOLD / AU / ATOMIC NUMBER 79 / (7+9=16) & 1+6=7

What is a God? A source of energy. A “self sufficient eco-system”, a teacher told me once. I think, also, a being who has transcended their lights/shadows through integrating them. A being whose existence signifies immortality. If you were wondering what Gods eat… A box of chocolates might do. I read somewhere that desserts wereContinue reading “GOLD / AU / ATOMIC NUMBER 79 / (7+9=16) & 1+6=7”