Today’s dinner was chicken breast in garlic butter. I ate it with Tescos out of the packet macaroni cheese prepared by ma and Himalayan pink salt INGREDIENTS: Apple, Black Pepper, Chicken, Double Cream, Garlic (chopped as finely as I feel confident enough to), Mozzarella cheese, Olives, 2x Oranges, Paprika, Tomato Tomorrow is a really big dayContinue reading “DYING RETIRED GARMENTS & DINNER”

Professor Germaine @ The Cambridge Union

RECIPE: Bacon, Coriander, (Skinless, sliced) Cucumber, Lemon, Mozzarella Cheese, Olive Oil, Caramelised Red Onion 3x Slices of Toast This breakfast BLT was inspired by a scene in FRIENDS – where Ross has an episode of rage in the work place. It occurs in a moment of disappointment, during post-thanks giving season. He exerts trust towardsContinue reading “Professor Germaine @ The Cambridge Union”


How do you inoffensively write a speech impediment? The video above is a montage of >> Cheese << dialogue, a character from the kids show on Cartoon Network called Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Kindly uploaded by @Sara Nelowe Here is a screenshot taken from his >> wikia page. << It is 7 minutes toContinue reading “CEERWEEAL”


I had a busy and expensive evening. I HIRED A PROGRAMMER FROM >>FIVERR.<< I’m keeping no secrets about this, you know everything I do is exciting. Easter Eggs galore. It is now 6 AM and SPEAKING OF IXTA EGGS: I made one of those horrendously self indulgent breakfasts. I had to take a break inContinue reading “DREAMLAND”


This simple meal was prepared with tinfoil. In an oven. I learned that from Jamie Oliver a million years ago, watching him prepare a duck roast. I stuffed some feta cheese into some tomatoes, mixed a few kinds of oil, paprika, lemon juice mixed herbs, paprika and himalayan salt with my two super inexpensive (IContinue reading “Y U M Y U M”

B L A C K & G O L D

Today I met up with Linda & we had a little wander around Covent Gardens. She’s a wonderful photographer from Denmark and she’s moving to Berlin on Wednesday, so I wanted to say goodbye before she leaves. The positive to this is that I’ll have an excuse to make some trips to Berlin?! I’ve noticedContinue reading “B L A C K & G O L D”