I share a name with a Danish/French actress – Anna Karina (see my featured image!) who, I think, was given her stage name by Coco Chanel. I used to think it was a little embarrassing to share a name with someone who was so flawlessly beautiful but I don’t feel like that anymore, it’s actually quite an honour. Anna Karina and Coco Chanel were friends. I was conceived in Paris too so.. thats kind of fun?
But when I was born – my mother said that on three occasions her God appeared to her in a dream and told her my name was AN-NA-KA-RI-NA.

My dad wanted to call me Fatimah. (Also see Hamsa) (Also see Hand of Miriam)

After the first dream – my mother told my very-very-very well read maternal grandmother, who was also in the hospital – and she and the Doctor that delivered me said “Anna Kar-ina? Surely you mean Anna Karen-ina” My ma was basically like, hell no – but she went back to sleep and asked her God to reiterate, and he did.. twice.

No one in my family had ever heard of the actress Anna Karina. But I do think Anna Karenina has it’s significance. This is my favourite page. (I stole this off a google search)


I’ve written before, about how when I was little I stared a little too intensely at a dead kitten on a roof, was a little too fascinated by the beautiful morbidity of it’s blood congealing in the desert sun. Blood drops dry around the edges first. A medium, a vampire, some kind of eternal and ‘hollow’ vessel. I’m being poetic but my karma took me through some weird stuff. It’s okay – I picked this life – and this name – because I wanted to embody vengeance.

Don’t know if you know what the AKashic records are… but um. Our generation is being prepared to acknowledge the existence of a lot of things that we’ve been taught are ‘make believe’. Would you believe the Deus Ex Machina of a story like 1984 would be a being that could kill simply by falling asleep?

Ironically… spirituality and ‘magic’ as practices have slowly been destroyed by science. Religion was deemed fine – and not for the reasons you might like to think. If there is an inability to prove something it is believed to be impossible – but when people are in my vortex, very strange and inexplicable things start happening. It takes time. It requires me to be absolutely myself, which I’ve found difficult. Being a medium and not being able to “hear” or “see” spirit; means that you can be occupied by non-physical without really knowing… I’m trying to become more aware of it and myself.

I know that to most people the things I have to say are strange – but embarrassment is the residue of social – well, societal – conditioning; and it’s roots develop in a soil not unlike the most irrational kinds of fear. Fortunately I’ve had minimal socialisation throughout my life… I’ve been magnetically repelled by most people – and I’ve been fortunate enough to learn not to fear anything.
I mean, after being unacceptably dragged out of two homes, sexually molested by police men who knocked on my door and took me to a hospital where I was violently raped (can’t prove it because I was on so many sedatives.) I get a little uncomfortable about unannounced visitors who knock on my door – but I know that everything goes full circle… Karma is seven fold, friendssssss

P.S Life hack… If you ever get sectioned… DON’T TAKE THE SEDATIVES.

My first pair of cat ears were stolen from my sister – who did a performance at her secondary school. I saw them sitting on her bed and I was obsessed with them. But they were a little tacky/made of cardboard and string.


Years later she would give me a pair of metal, spiked cat ears from Maison Michel. I wore them out and frightened – legit frightened – the village people of Farnham (I got sectioned not too long after.)


This was back before “Anime” was a look/a meme/acceptable. Isn’t it strange how trends just creep up on you. Actually the people hacking me used anime to attract my attention. Years later it’ll be proven my guides were occupying them.


There’s a video that’ll come out one day – of me dancing to

Infront of a heat-sensitive filter on my webcam – the metal on my headband inbetween the spikes bounced from colour to colour to colour (it was bizarre) and that’s why things that change colour are all the ~~rage now. Synesthete romance right?

OMG copy.png

The human/cat hybrid thing is mine but I’m happy to share. One time on a thought journey I spoke to the kitten that died “VII” and it told me that if it were a person it would be Karl Lagerfeld… who designs hats for Maison Michel.


These cat ears are from Accessorize. My Maison Michel ones were stolen by the nurses who took my things from me at Psychiatric Ward and never returned them.


Forget that though – I’m such a diva rightttt

Oh oh, this song is fun. I was “meditating” about my favourite time traveller – the thirteenth soul – kind of looks like Trunks from Dragon Ball Z – s|he doesn’t exist on this planet yet because we still haven’t learned how to get through our karma so the entire planet consists of literally twelve souls. I incarnated to come take all yer pain, donate my body to Lucifer and give you some kind of good time before informing you that yes I am involved with the Illuminati and the reason you’re probably thinking about me is we’ve created an exchange of karmic debt. Illuminati hang outs are purely non physical. I can’t prove it.. sorry.. but if you think about me for long enough weird stuff’ll start happening. Can’t stop that, I’m afraid. Also – there is no one head of the Illuminati – because that actually changes by the minute.

But yeah – I exited the car (I meditate best when I’m in a car) and the moon was dancingggg. It’s on my facebook. You can find it, if I haven’t blocked you.



So, years ago right – I had this ex I dated for a pretty long time. He was half Egyptian and half Irish. What a mix. An Aquarius.. they’re emotional rollercoasters (he was an emotional intensity that has remained incomparable to any other relationship I’ve ever had. Maybe. Not really. I had a thing with an anonymous hacker & that was fucked up/awesome), they’re blunt, they’re fabulously weird, tremendously funny, phenomenally terrible at monogamy and can even be pathological liars. But you don’t mind because they’re brilliant – total geniuses. At least thats how I remember him.
He got clever without ever having had the internet. He was the kid that bunked off school. He smoked a lot of weed. I think I was the first person that ever managed to force him to read a book or imagine that he could draw. Now he reads a lot more than I do. And he draws better than I can too.

We used to hang out in Camden, back when there were punks on the bridge. I think to an extent that a lot of the people that used to visit were kind of there for him. He had an ex girlfriend he met before me who looked like a punk-rock Kate Moss. Like, she looked exactly like her. But uh. Much scarier. She was his bestfriends younger sister. Iunno – we were all part of this social group that I was pretty detached from. But I remember he had particular friends in the National Front who used to call him things like “half breed”. I think this ex girlfriend of his used to engage with that, not because it was a political belief but really an aesthetic one. He always wondered why I hated his friends/hate most people, actually. He loved bands like Tool (Who really made an aesthetic of ‘Spiritual’ Art by the way. Maynard James Keenan – look him up – affiliated with David Bowie, all sorts of greats.) MJK’s other band, A Perfect Circle, made a song for the Constantine movie and it really felt to us that this film: based on Ahmed’s favourite comic, Hellblazer… was a gift for him. And me, cos I was OBSESSED with Keanu Reeves. Anyway.. I manipulated this boyfriend into going to University. He studied Animatronics. We used to make stop motion animations together with the camera I bought back when I wanted to direct erotica. Fast forward many many many years and ego deaths later…

Abraham Hicks says that when you want to create something big, it’s important to start by creating things that don’t matter. I started with a tumblr for my ‘digital ephemera’.

A friend of mine, who studied Animation & my incomplete MA degree in Advertising & Branding (I left because being copied and not credited for expended creative energy used to make me SICK) inspired me to seek out some animation work for companies I thought were poorly represented on Social Media. I initially contacted Dum Dum Donuts and had some to-and-fro chats that never went anywhere. I made them these little pieces, amongst many more.


I then investigated around for some ethical food companies and I found one. I passed these examples of my work along & we got in touch and met up, awhile ago now.

I came up with some – preliminary – early stage- animated mockups intended for the social media of a beautiful, ethical restaurant I later found out was owned by the daughter of a truly wonderful man, that gave me my dog Tintin. My most precious friend. I don’t think she ever saw my work, but I was deeply inspired by the details of their food & interior design, which were inspired by sacred truth & the sacred art of my very favourite pantheon depicting the varying forms of creative energy. If you’re ever in Notting Hill I strongly advise you to visit, and do try their tea.
My eye for detail & my penchant for finding deeper meaning had me deeply impressed by the low-key food temple for the Gods. I’m not vegan myself, for health reasons – not eating meat makes me really unwell actually – but I admire the lifestyle of a person who chooses not to consume animals or animal products. I hope that lab-grown meat becomes available in grocery stores and restaurants soon.




They decided against using the animations, or atleast I imagine so because I never received a response – although I know the work was viewed. Recently the Farmacy Instagram featured a little animation that somewhat reminded me of the work I did for Dum Dum ❤ I am honoured to have been a part of this co-creation. I personally prefer your original logo, and powerful branding concepts, however.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.13.38Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.15.05Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 11.15.24

Powerful stuff.

Screen shots taken from >> Here <<

My older sister recently visited Turkey and she came across a little calf that was being prepared for slaughter. She wanted to buy the calf and save it but she’s not the kind of person that does things on impulse, she deliberates and then acts. We discussed what she might call the calf and she told me that she wanted to call the calf “Bouja”… I asked her what the name meant but she didn’t respond. She was unfortunately too late to save the calf. Some part of me is sure that the calf was telepathically telling her that he was about to become stew.

When I was very miserable, some years ago: I once took my little dog through a park in Farnham and found telephone wires. I visualised all my internalised negative energy coming out of my body in the form of lots of holographic animals: walking along those wires. The news was insane that week. I have always thought that emotions impact the Planet’s state. I agree that what you consume becomes you. If you are adept at manipulating energy – and <humble brag> I am </humble brag>  – consuming the pain and suffering of an animal can be used for greater good. I am not justifying the suffering of other living things – I don’t condone it, but if anyone ever ’embodied’ the energy of revenge, it me

I met a guy awhile ago that I had had a crush on for about eight years. I told him I wasn’t very good at anything really, that the only thing I was “good” at was emotional intelligence. I understood that he and his friends must’ve found that quite amusing – actually most things I say and do are initially amusing to people until they realise I was saying or doing something that was really quite profound. I’m not a person that hangs around in any place for long, and I’m not the kind of person people forget meeting. If you’ve ever met me, think yourself lucky. Not much gets me out of the house.

Gaia recently released this little facebook video about emotional intelligence. Not too long after my then-crush and his friends made fun of me for not being good at much. (I know because one of my then-crush’s friends repeated my words to me, replacing ’emotional intelligence’ with ‘sex’.) I can’t clarify whether or not that friend of his was good-at-sex because he wasn’t very good at gett-ing-sex.

If something happens to someone once, it’s happened a million times. Things change depending on how you approach them.
I’ve got a lot of little things going right now – people ask though, why I don’t utilise my education through working… it’s because I like to get paid without getting fucked