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November 20th 2017

I trecked all the way from London to Brighton in a glorious-casual outfit and fierce-super cheap heels only to find that people in Brighton are inherently chill & don’t really dress up for house parties. I don’t go out very often so when I do, I like to dress up. Anyway Oscar, his girlfriend Eve & housemate Nick hosted a really lovely and warm party where I got to meet some incredible local artists (Oscar has contax, man!) & even some fascinating people who had put my jet-setting adventures to shame. I have not travelled enough! We spoke about how we had been influenced by cultures and how integrating with the culture in the UK had kind of stripped us of our own (and how the interior design is almost giving us permission to enjoy our cultures again by taking influence?)

I occupied Oscar & Eve’s bed & hacked his facebook (he left it logged in), replied to all the comments I had left on his FB of ugly shoes that I think he ought to buy, chain smoked on his balcony facing the arcade and the sea & had my hair played with by his girlfriend who is amongst the best at playing with hair yet.

We went out for breakfast, I was forced to wear my mauve slippers that Tintin had peed on/looked like a tourist, I forced Oscar to buy us makeupz & hairclips, we came back, watched Summer Heights High and then they sent me home. Along my way home I bumped into a homeless woman from Essex while I was buying a hotdog, I let her have the hotdog. I’m a good person for that. The hotdog stand closed.. but I whinged a little and the gentleman running it let me have another. I ate it beside a cute couple who were making out & then got the train back to LDN. Somehow it took 4 hours.

October 19, 2017

I once got told a story about a woman who won a literary competition: she requested the author’s notes on a novel as her prize, I think in lieu of a super-rare-first edition or something. I was really inspired by that story – enough to remember those details at least. I like to paint/scribble/create things and sometimes I find that the minutiae and/or whatever I might be listening to while I do that can be more interesting than whatever I’m creating – or at least gives it some context. I had purchased a hoody designed by a youtuber I like that featured the word ‘Sheep’ on it and that was my biggest source of inspiration. There’s so much meaning in that word.

September 14, 2017

A few hours in the garden with my mother and designer-chi (a Prince/Egyptian God gifted to me from the Harrods petshop in it’s glory days), Tintin. My mother & I have spent the last few years living separately and finding ourselves as individuals, now we’re living together again… We’re in the process of redoing everything. I wanted to document the state of the garden because it’s going to look beautiful this summer. I spent the day mostly vaping and day dreaming while my mother gardened. She has always been obsessed with gardening, ever since we lived in a mansion in a Desert in Dubai – where she had soil imported (I think from Israel?) so she could grow plants… I remember our visits from the camels herded by bedouins…

My sister has wanted us to buy new grass since we moved in years ago and we’ve just never ever done it, and the garden became a huge mess. But its starting to look so pretty and it will be completely different come summer time.

Aug 5, 2017

A serendipitous evening at the Tate with Linda. We bumped into some gorgeous, gloriously dressed strangers whose starsigns mirrored our own, hitched a ride with a vibe-killing taxi driver & had a fun night out. Rendering four girls into deathly silence is a talent