If you asked me my ideal career, I'd be a Templar with many pHDs in
the Humanities, Classics and various Arts.
I'd be working to rehabilitate child soldiers in Africa, and 
preparing them to dedicate their talents towards working in countries
where child prostitution and enslavement is legal and actively
practised. I'd have numerous co-operatives (live/work establishments)
in countries where the employment rates are not reflective of the
populations education and where people are unable to find work or
otherwise support their families.

Humanitarian service and aid work is a profession for utilitarians
who are prepared to do terrible things to meet a good conclusion. 
People assume these roles in their daily lives but I believe that
in order to do that, you first require an education that teaches you
to think critically and to ignore the opinions you are bombarded with
by a media that is funded by entities that remain hidden, and that
caters to their consumerist and ultimately bureaucratic agendas. 

An interest in psychology will confirm to you that a society that 
abuses people is responsible for criminals; I would like to make it 
my life's work to prove that people who have struggled can be helped 
towards finding a life purpose in helping others. 
I am personally affected by our judicial system, which perpetuates
making criminals of people who have been systemically abused and that
gives power to civil servants who do not truly understand the nature
of servitude, and selflessness - or the nature of the work in and
of itself which requires a selflessness that can only be taught
through a spiritual education.

I was raised by a very spiritual family who practiced diverse faiths,
and studied at Saint James Independent School for two years. 
Meditation and stillness at the beginning and end of every school day
was compulsory. Students also practiced a mantra at the start and
end of every lesson, to clear the mind of distraction.
Every subject was motivated and inspired by ancient philosophy:
for example the school syllabus taught Vedic mathematics.
We were taught to find purpose through using our lives to be of 
service, for the benefit of All. 

I practice affirmations, meditate daily and practice the Art of 
Manifestation with the Abraham Hicks Foundation. 
It is a form of meditation that teaches the absolute importance of
self love and the belief that you can achieve anything if you
set your mind towards the possibility of it.

I don't identify with the cookie cutter mould that society expects of 
people, nor do I fit in with dishonest or competitive environments. 
I can perform for the sake of professionalism but I prefer not to. 
I enjoy work that encourages people to be themselves.

I come from a family of multi generational diplomats and lawyers and 
I've been trained from childhood to dedicate my life towards the 
betterment of the lives of the less fortunate - and the arts are my
I have a LinkedIn account. 
Feel free to follow me if you also use the site but it isn't my thing.
You'll acquire an understanding of my very most boring qualities. 

But let me list them here too:

- I have excellent telephone manner and I write brilliant letters,
I've had a significant part to play in some of the biggest 
global human rights court cases of all time - in particular with 
relations to the work of CLAAS. Barclays Bank no longer funds 
football games, because of my outrage in relations to footballers
involvements in instances of date rape and gang rape. 
I can help you create an absolute scene. 

- I can use Apple Macs and PCs (windows)
(Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheets not discounted - but not at all
interesting to me. But I do love that helpful little paperclip.)

- I'm savvy with a lot of digital software but in particular the
Adobe Suite. I like pixels. But I can work with vectors too. I don't
want to, but I can. I get a sick, twisted enjoyment out of creating 
web and print layouts. I make it look effortless, too.

The performance is free of charge but the skill took absolutely years
upon years upon years to develop.

(Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CS | Dream Weaver)

- I'm a problem solver. 

- I'm highly intuitive. 

- I'm a risk taker. 

- When it comes to a creative vision, it's my way or some shitty way
that won't work for you.
- I'm an Adobe Suite Genius. 
In particular though: Photoshop CS, Dream Weaver, After Effects
(I consider myself an amateur animator but I'm a fantastic problem
solver. I can do a lot with a little.)

- I make it look effortless but I assure you, no one can do what I 

I'm a photographer, retoucher, graphic designer and a I've an eye 
for branding, packaging and fantastic web design. 
I can help you turn a vision into something greater than you'd of 
probably initially thought possible.

My performative artist persona would do just anything to have you 
think I'm unemployable. She's an eccentric that can be bribed with 
monies though. (Not really. I do not accept bribes. Please never, 
ever try to bribe me. I will refuse and I will blog about it later.)

A word of caution though: I'd rather give you an honest opinion than 
take your cash or a job. And you can't pay me enough to stifle my
creative opinion. Some employers appreciate that, most do not.

Here are some of my credentials and a portfolio of sorts - though
really I'd suggest you look through my >>blog.<<
I'm currently looking for people to help me build up my portfolio in 
video editing and aesthetics for web branding. 

If you need someone to help you build up your look - please 
>> take a peek at my b-website << 
and let me know if you think we'd work well together.
Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 21.44.34.png

I painted a lot of the white wall, and an artist called Edward
Ssajjabe painted painted the alphabet. 

I spent my first ever £800 quid investing in medical treatment for 
locals, arranging for a Montessori inspired bookshelf and a Wendy 
House to be built in Wisdom Nursery, in Kampala.


My sixth form college arranged for clothes to be sent over for the
children at the nursery school. 

I folded them. 
There were more clothes than can be seen here. I didn't take many
photos of my visit to Uganda, regrettably.

I also bought the nursery some hens and a rooster from the market.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 21.54.33.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 21.44.46.png

The book shelf and the wendy house were co-designed by myself and a
local carpenter. I bought the red carpet at a local market. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 21.43.55.png

I love organising books and toys. I did that at seven years old a 
few times, at the Cats Protection League.
Kigezi Highschool

Assistant Teaching | English Literature 

I helped teach International Baccalaureate students Poetry using
the AQA Poetry Anthology. It was fun.

Assistant Teaching | Fine Art

I mostly discussed composition with the students as their art was
already incredible.


I have a >>Spirituality for Kids channel on YouTube<<. My intended
audience is under 5's. You can read more >>here.<< It is an ongoing
work in progress. I've chosen not to reference my performer moniker
here, as I know young children are quite google savvy and I prefer
to keep that identity separate to my artist identity.

tumblr_p9qwgvW1B11x8z0tco1_1280.png[I enjoy calligraphy]

Heres a preview of my next webisode


Here's an unused concept for a restaurant in Notting Hill. 
I was invited to have a chat at the restaurant and I was fortunate
enough to learn a little about the care that goes into their food
products & I found that inspiring. I also felt that would've been
an interesting perspective in terms of marketing themselves on social

I carried out a comprehensive study of their instagram, put together
some preliminary ideas and handed it over as a free of charge 

They decided against using my work but they later rebranded and their
instagram looks a lot better now.
I created these as concepts, fully independently and within a weeks
time frame. I work fast. 

I'm the sort to dedicate a little sketch book to a job prospect. 

More specifically, I'm the sort to invest my own money, time and
most importantly: ideas and skills - in a project if I believe
in it. I'm the sort to pick up a few skills if I believe it will
make me more useful too.


Disclaimer: Many of the assets - such as the diagram depicting a
profile, the basil leaf, the flower, the bee etc - were taken from
a google image find. The stock imagery used in the above videos were 
intended to be used solely as mock ups - these were not finalised
versions of the intended work but for the purpose of discussion only: 
and I did not make any money for my time/work.

Aren't these cute? I hand drew them using oilcrayons and watercolour.
I am a photographer - and have been for many years. 
I showcase my work throughout my blog as I love to photograph every
thing - but you can see some examples of my work - on my flickr 
accounts. I & II
"UNTITLED" ft Anon
tumblr_kz88gljzx31qb8wu0o1_500"MY KURT GEIGERS" ft Jeehan Karim
"The Fly" - Uganda '09
"KLYTIE" ft ANON, UCA 2012
Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 04.41.02.png
"MILK & PILLOWS" ft GodsGirl Sakura | 2009
"Littul Fairy in Baybee Blu" ft Leanne Gullifer
I'd love to direct well written erotica of real individuals who had
cultivated some kind of art that manifested somehow in their 
personalities - with interesting minds, who were genuinely in love 
and who had knew how to orgasm and most of all who loved themselves, 
and enjoyed bodies of all colours, shapes and sizes.
Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 04.44.35.png
"Real Down to Mars" Ft. Leanne Gullifer | 2008


It's emotion that I like to capture most.

I've been out of touch with them but they'd all confirm: 

I'm professional, I work to produce fast results even if I have very 
little to work with and it's never awkward. 

I've had the pleasure of photographing a few soft-core pornstars,
including the well known Coco, Hollywood, Sakura, Simona Martini, 
Sakura & and the lesser known Susie Whitaker

I've also photographed Nyuszi, Aleksa, Leanne Gullifer & loads more.
I'll revisit this.

I did a BA in Digital Screen Arts. 

I was more interested in the theoretical side of film making, and I 
focused on photography, framing and the aural aspect of film making;
I learned most about film through lectures that involved immersion 
through lecturer to student to lecturer to student discussion -
and developed skills in critical analysis. 

I learned how to meticulously piece apart every still in a cinematic,
as one might if they were to study animation. 

I learned how to converse academically about a film maker's 
methodologies - and was given the chance to learn about the 
particulars of the art of cinema. 

My focus was on the use of colour and light to convey messages, 
my degree - I feel - was more academic than it was practical.
Every interaction with my lecturers challenged me, and they also
contributed to my spiritual education as both are Jews.

I also did script writing and learned how to analyse how characters
contribute to a narrative. 

I like to make videos.
I can help transform your instagram.


I really enjoy creating sets. Here's one I made earlier, using items
I commissioned for an Art Shop I've been putting together over the
last two years. I filmed + edited + animated the above video.

I did my BA degree in film making. I wanted to shoot Erotica but I 
felt my classmates were too young and immature, and I didn't know how to
cope with being gossiped about. British people were, at the time,
very threatened by anyone who expressed their sexuality, especially
through art.

Officially I have a degree in Digital Screen Arts or something. 
I didn't learn much because I was studying with very competitive 
people who were beneath my skill level. I went to Uni to make friends.
Do not go to Uni to make friends.

I am awaiting my degree show reel from my tutors so this section
will be revised.
While suffering with PTSD - and recovering from being gassed and then
raped in my own home, humiliation, psychological torture and a series
of miscarriages, police brutality, sexual misconduct & being stalked:

I created some art pieces to conclude my final year at University. 

I completed a degree while I was living in a half way house and 
the only person I could tolerate was a drug dealer who offered me 
weed to cope with my tremendous physical pain, from a bowel condition
I did not know I had.

You think you know resilience but I promise you, it doesn't compare
to my own capacities for it.
I'd never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn't first do myself.



For my (incomplete) Masters Degree I was able to make use of prior 
talents that I had developed much earlier in life: by designing 
presentations and proposals. And writing copy, using information I
had sourced from the brands themselves.

I am very taken by cultivating luxury as defined or otherwise 
regarded in an otherwise ordinary service oriented setting, I
am also otherwise fascinated by what defines the concept of luxury,
particularly when it comes to marketing and selling cosmetic items -
for example - 'natural' products have been assigned a visual identity

I've a proficient corporate vocabulary & I enjoy authoring copy. 

I can help you/your company produce a presentation to a high visual 
and literary standard, I can also help you put together a script. 

And in a very limited time frame too.

These are some pages for a presentation I put together for my MA. 

The assets  - the items depicted - were taken from google and 
incorporated into a collection of pages that I designed myself. 

The copy was inspired by information sourced from a great variety 
of online articles, recorded interviews throughout the internet and 
ofcourse: the Ladureé website. I like to think I make it look easy 
but it was many years of work. 

I think this brand is the epitome of luxury and it's been a life long
dream to work for them.



I love illustration and making fun graphics and animated .gifs, mostly
for fun. But if you've a fun idea and you'd like to collaborate, 
please get in touch. We'll have fun.


Everything you can see here is mine and it's fun. 
Unless it's OBVIOUSLY not - I did not take the photographs of Marilyn
Monroe nor did I take the photograph of Bruce Lee - but I did adopt 
use of the photos for #fun & for the sake of illustrating some kind 
of fun message - motivated by a fundamentally important reason. 
Such as fun, profound LOLs or otherwise to teach people how to use
art to have fun & not to hate themselves - unless it's fun.
Marilyn Monroe wasn't good enough for her ugly boyfriends and no one - NO
ONE - has compared to Marilyn Monroe yet. And she was obviously
tremendous fun.

I did the graphic design for these web banners for an web show that
featured the CEO of GodsGirls and Eden. 

Until now, none of my digitised art works are monetised and I don't
get paid to create art. I'm waiting for an Art Gallery or 20 to buy 
the licenses to my works before I start making really good stuff.
Also I have plans to open a shop, to sell unique pieces of art that
have been made either by myself or by someone I consider very
talented. I've no idea when that will happen, but it'll be momentous
I'm sure.


Remember - South Park was founded by two Jewish guys in a basement 
and it is one of the most successful, offensive, obnoxious and racist
franchises to ever exist, ever. And that show airs in the Middle East,
despite how offensive it is towards both Arabs and Jews.
I both cast and arranged for Kevin McNally to star as one of the 
protagonists in an animation and all I got was a lousy 
"special thanks". 

We no longer speak but Jason Lee Weight will confirm I'm full of

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 21.54.33.png

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