I am very groggy, snotty and the word for – not slow – but slurred. I have a cold. It is a stress cold. I am dreading taking down this much recycling. I know it sounds silly to say but actually I’m happy. I just definitely have the start of a flu.

I’ve just bought some prints to stick in my sketchbook from photobox. I’m excited for my UHU photo glue too. (Before I moved to Brighton,) the amazing lady at the Job Centre in Ealing looked at me and said “you’re burned out”. I disagreed initially – but now that I am excited about UHU photoglue,Continue reading

I imagine the little Chinese Pekingese porcelain pieces in the local second oddity/antique/five millionth hand furniture shoppe inspired this monster. Awhile ago I was very taken by an independent female illustrator that had taken to a particular style with her illustrations of dogs, it’s a shame I can’t remember her name or I’d provide aContinue reading

Satanic Dior Livestream

I’m watching a live stream of the most beautiful Dior show ever on Facebook, pretending I’m with my Auntie Norma, while I listen to Korn and smoke vogues. I don’t know if Anna Wintour could find a better Bubbles For those uneducated – this is Bubbles. She wears weird outfits that no one else hasContinue reading “Satanic Dior Livestream”