DO YOU KNOW WHY I HAVE NO TECH? Apart from that it was my brother that insisted that we were a techno family, and the British princies were jelly of him so they arranged to have him put in a hospital (trust me, when he looks himself – he’s a million times hotter than anyContinue reading “EARPHONE PURCHASE GUIDE”


When I was younger I saw amazing candy-dispensaries for selling and distributing school girl’s underwear in Japan, on television. There are many taboos and the fetishisation or sexualisation of adolesence is amongst those. I don’t resent attraction between two people. Once I quoted Germaine Greer about society wishing that young girls wouldn’t fall in loveContinue reading “DOG GODS”

one day someone will say on behalf of a very rude species residing on a very rude planet “im sorry we don’t know how to tell the truth, how to cope with feelings of envy and embarrassment and being responsible for a life of tragic loss after tragic loss and defending the people that abusedContinue reading

People you didn’t know were Jews. I enjoyed her in a few things. I don’t think she’s a nice person. But she’s a Jew. She did a lot of work with Emirates Airlines and actually, Arabs really do adore her. This is Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger is one of those fancy sephardic jews (Sephardic likeContinue reading