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In 2012 I made my friends at Uni watch Mein Kampf with me in our kitchen at 77.

Tintin liked this post in 2013

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 22.21.21

Here’s a moment on his twitter
Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 22.27.45.png

(Jaeger Bombs were a big thing at the Student Union)

Here’s a post tintin liked by a guy who directed a music video me and a fat gfriend were in – no, she’s obviously not fat, but I hate her and in this we’re having a pillow fight with a guy called lee cooper

I’ll tell you what happened. Lee Cooper was held back a year on our course and he was in our class. I was in a relationship that I wanted to be over. I invited him back but because I didn’t want my then-boyfriend to think anything was going on and I didn’t want him to think I was interested in him, I invited my entire class over (I am the least sociable person ever). My Tintin bit him and he said it was “okay” because if they do it once then you can teach them not to do it (he liked football and upon revision that is the most rapey thing you can possibly say). He ended up having a flirtation with my “friend” – who was already having a “flirtation” with my “boyfriend” (they were definitely fucking) and then ditching my friend group for another friend group. I fed him salmon and samphire and all sorts of food that I doubt anyone else would’ve spent on feeding him with but we make choices in life. I’m actually glad I noed him so I could invite better ones in. Like HH.

Anyway we got Levi – who was a trusted friend of Golda Meir’s. Golda was the name of three of my goldfish and an alsatian that I obsessed over as a child.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 22.21.52

Whenever it happens. You’ll never get a proper Levi if they’re raised by people who don’t dress them properly and who let them like football.

Knowing what you know though

A child once picked up one of my jackets – before i watched this show, but I’d seen pictures of Levi – I was “KENLEE” at Uni – after a weird song, and also cos I’m totes Bruce Lee – and I said “I’m LEVI and I’m KARINA’S SON and this is MY Jacket” and that was before I knew any of you could do this stupid shit to me and my family.

code for you’re allllll gonna die


Here is mess and messy feet and the most uninstagram worthy image uploaded to the internet in the last six months.


I love my tear-drop Mary-Jane shoes. I got these years ago in the summer that I lived in 77. If you spend a little bit extra on things that you really love, rather than going cheap – the things last for longer. Thats what I enjoyed about ‘capsule dressing’. As if she really bothered doing that. I like to look different. I don’t like the idea of ever having worn the same outfit twice in my entire life. I don’t go out much so it isn’t difficult.


I just got back from the cornershoppe. I had a lot of fun with a stranger that reminded me of Omi. I know that most people might be offended by the comparison but you can find the people that you think the World of anywhere. They both can make me happylaugh apparently. Like I was in a shitty mood and he did something pretty fucking annoying but I ended up laughing. I assure you that there aren’t many people in the World that can get away with that.
He is my favourite person in the World. Omars always are. There’s Kanye Omari West and theres Tupac Amaru Shakur (I had a Syrian longhaired hamster called TAZ as a child, rabbit in 77 that I called “Carlton Tupac Shakur” and my housemate Arther changed it to “Walter”, which I think the rabbit felt suited him better. Walter is a Walt Disney, a character in Silent Hill 4 and a guy who babysat me and taught me about animation. He joined the Navy after going to Art School.
About a year later I met someone that I ended up resenting a lot but who made me laugh before that, and he told me that he’d had a rabbit called Biggie Smalls. Before that, I used to call Tintin “Mr Biggles”. I also call Tintin @El_Tintino 

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 21.28.08.png

I’m watching Walking with Dinosaurs on Netflix to cheer myself up. Please ignore the caption. I know that the things I post on the internet have a way of turning out pretty meta and I know that there will be people who will “thats what she said” the caption and I can’t blame you for it but this… this is about the chihuahuapods.

These are little sauropodlets. They aren’t real sauropods.
I think that they must be genetically very similar to chihuahuas.
Sauropods grew to be the very biggest dinosaurs that have ever walked on the earth and I like to think that of my chihuahua friends.

They both make me happy. Digital Sauropods and Chihuahuas. I’d like to have a dinosaur tamagotchi when virtual reality is a thing that people dedicate their homes to. I’d like for my chihuahuas to have little virtual reality helmets so that they can go on virtual reality adventures with me.

I had a thought chat with Omi earlier. I think Hope tried to make me laugh earlier and actually did so with great success. I wish someone could animate what he showed me. I had my eyes closed and saw something in static. Omi saw the vision too, and thought-told me that he laugh-snorted-out his meal. I’m sure he looked very sane. Hope might be the most hilarious being on this Planet right now.  I am aware that there are people who lie a lot and are jealous so I recommend you watching Sheila Gilette videos – she works with a group of arch angels that call themselves Theo. When I say “thought chat” that is not to imply I audibly heard anything, but I thought the chat with Omi as if it were my own thoughts I were thinking and I know whenever I see him next I will mention it and he will confirm it. Omi if you see this – don’t discuss it with your dishonest NHS staff. Don’t take up the invitation to be honest. But if they ask if you’re experiencing anything ‘unusual’, do ask “no, are you?” And if they say “no” – they are lying and they’ll shortly lose their licenses to practice. I promise you. Don’t say it but know.

I’ve started just explaining my stupid bowel condition and I can literally FEEL the satisfaction people have when I am forced to do so. It is a bigger thing, than me, that I’ve had this condition and that I am explaining it to people. A lot of people have disabilities that they didn’t know were disabilities, that made and make their lives very difficult. They can’t do the things that they’d like to do and they get called all sorts of names by people who don’t share those difficulties.

I also know that a lot of people are starting to have my condition now and I don’t pity any of you but also that satisfaction you’re feeling really won’t last long. I’m glad that I could toilet train you so you won’t suffer the same way that I did as an infant.

I know that people can choose to access me in a way I wouldn’t like them to and earlier in a thought meditation I was encouraged to see that choice people make as a means of helping them to relate to Adam and Eve – there’s this temptation that you get with freedom of choice. This awareness that you need to – at some point – learn that just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.
You can do it, no one’s going to stop you – but once you’ve done it there’s no going back and you’ll pay for it. There are people I’d have consented to doing that, the chances of you being amongst them are… slim. I support the death penalty. I know that we pay karmically for everything that we do, but some people adjust to their karmic struggles and frankly it’s not enough. I don’t want people to have to drop their life’s dreams to become ‘police men’, there are few crimes that I truly think deserve that level of punishment  – being touched by a police person. I’d prefer that people were executed. If you are wondering if I mean you, I probably do.

I read a Vice article where someone complained about wearing heels giving them huge, swollen and blistered feet. And I thought to myself “not me“. That day I wore some of my moccasins without a pair of socks for a nightwalk and I got lots of blisters. Jokes on you, I’m into cuts and blisters and they make your feet tough as fuck. I imagine one day I will line up the staff at Vice and beat them all up. My rule – unless my opposition is twice my body weight – is to let them hit me first. First of all it pisses me off – second of all it becomes self defence. He who strikes first does not always win. Actually I’ve ALWAYS said this – LOSE FIRST. Have you ever actually thought you were going to die? When you think you’re about to die you release this very particular kind of energy – I remember hearing about it in a class about “To Kill a Mocking Bird”. I think. Or maybe Of Mice and Men. One of those. A character leaps across a pretty wide gap to save his life. You can do stuff, when you think you’re about to die – that you can’t normally do. I think once your brain has released that chemical – is it DMT? – into your body enough times (I have thought I was going to die SO MANY TIMES it probably altered my DNA or something, plus I lived in a constant state of PTSD growing up in an abusive household with an autistic drug addict that triggered my abandonment issues and a sister who could look me in the eye and lie to me and a mother who only ever hugged me after a fight she would force me to let her win) it probably alters your DNA

(did I mention my mother tried to feed me dog food before I left her house? less than a few months ago?)

(it’s great I have a sense of humour)

(No but really if our playing fields were level I would probably all but kill you if you provoked me to and I didn’t feel like you’d nark to the police)

another thing i do – is tell people how to win. i tell them all my weaknesses. i don’t like to hit people if i know it’d hurt them and i don’t like the police very much. i’d tell you my strengths but i think i only ever got one or two compliments in my life until i was about… well ’til i started using myspace actually. haha.

I’ll tell you how i got my big arms. When I was three years old, I stormed into the kitchen one time and demanded cake. My mother had a guy called Tom over. He was there to help my older brother who was a problem child before people understood autism can affect good looking people. Tom told my mother that when I express myself it is right to all but slam me in a corner – its the bit where two walls meet – basically i’d shove my face in a corner and put my arms in the air. Whats funny is that I learned later in life that if people look at you when your back is turned, you get a rectal pain. you can feel it. I didn’t actually associate that pain with being observed because I had that disability I rant and rave about where I only shit once or twice a month sometimes. Since I was that age.

No, I don’t lift. But I can carry heavy things 😉 😉 😉


Have you ever had a song stuck in your head your entire life and then actually heard it? That’s how I feel about the Cupcakke song I posted two entries ago.

Do not take that personally anyone. I was thinking about someone in Denmark and how deeply they had fucked me over – and the song showed up on my YouTube feed. I had been dreaming of meeting this person that I fell in love with the second I saw him, in a shitty webcam photo – back when he was pretty dorky looking – for years of my life and I met him when I had accepted that nothing in my life would ever work out again, and then he literally-not-literally (I hope but I don’t know what they got upto when they roofied me) shat on me. With his weird friends.

I’m actually not really a penis person. I don’t want to see boys frolicking in the nude. I like boys in clothes. I like women – not many – probably not any you’d find attractive – to be partially undressed but mostly I like closing my eyes. But I am pettily inclined when I have rages and a childish song taking a universal lowblow to every guy that I probably actually wanted to love for years of my life that negged me and then picked someone over me that was an entirely insulting specimen was ACTUALLY WHAT I NEEDED FOR THE LOLS. I have slept with someone whose penis was 10 inches and I got whatsit. That thing you get that makes you swell up and struggle to NOT pee. He had a temper tantrum about the petrol money it cost him to take me to the hospital. Nice memories. Men are great.




Btw the Dave Pelzer books are nonsense – but I think if I wrote a book about my life it’d be worse.

Just um. Some notes.

Art Class for clever people

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 15.29.11

I’m going to do a colour chart for the people that woke up one day and decided they were interested in fashion design or clothes. Everyone uses clothes to express themselves but that does not mean you are interested in or that you understand ‘fashion’.

Do you want to know something? When I was studying at LCF Peaches Geldof (died on the seventh of April I think, got buried at Saint Mary Magdalene’s church after all but announcing herself as Jewish, was an O.T.O initiate and ruined what could have been the most beautiful secret society that puts love before anything. And actually for a person whose favourite art and movies are always either about love or killing things –

it was deeply insulting. People broke up with me because they were weirded out by how intense I am. If I was not intense I would be as boring as YOU. There was nothing loving about that woman.) wrote a style article about ‘capsule wardrobes’ and that made me not ice her. And I saw her wearing frilly socks that I’d obsessed about having but could never see in shoppes. At that point in my life it was that easy for me to love someone.

FYI I’m Ewan’s character. A boyfriend once gave me a special edition of this movie for my birthday. It was the only present I got on that birthday and it was the happiest day in the world for me for years.

this is a peach. I found the image on google.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 15.32.02Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 15.32.37Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 15.32.51Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 15.33.02

People keep rushing to mourn her by labelling colour palettes ‘peach’. I have no idea where they managed to come to any kind of conclusion that the colour that is being marketed as ‘peach’ could be given such a name. It makes no sense. I’ve highlighted the colour that people think is peach – sort of – but thats about it. Stop pretending that NUDE PINK shades are “peach”. GO BACK TO SCHOOL. YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. STOP COMPETING WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE STUDIED ALL OF THEIR LIVES. WHO HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP BY ACADEMICS OR PEOPLE WHO HAVE SERVED GOVERNMENTS FOR GENERATIONS OVER. IT’LL WORK FOR A BIT BUT YOU’LL END UP MAKING A MESS. If your education stopped at sixteen to eighteen years old – your brain is stuck there because that’s when you stopped using it.

Here is why I never tried to get a career as an actor. Literally scenes like this. I’m sure you’re all above ‘dance movies’ but in a moment I will tell you why that’s stupid.

This is a scene about a really fun weekend dance class and is why I never thought I was good enough to act. Apart from the level of confidence it takes and the fact that you have to have a good memory – and I don’t – I was under the impression that if you wanted a career in the performing arts you had to be able to DO – EVERYTHING.

Can I remind you of this?

These are some of our cadets. You want to pretend that ALL THREE of these people aren’t on steroids?

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 15.37.59.png

This is an actors appearing in a movie I rented from Blockbusters that never hit the cinema.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 15.38.32.png

Which one would you cower to the ground from if they were about to kick you in the head? Our boiz 3 versus 1 – or this one 1 versus 1 ^

I was insecure because I could sing notes but I couldn’t READ them. That’s ONE OF THE REASONS I didn’t apply to study at RADA – the real reason I still won’t is ‘mayhem’ scenes. RADA is the only drama school anyone should take seriously.  Lamda is great too – for people that want to be in classical theatre. Not in movies.

I wanted to be in action movies, military movies and thrillers. I actually wanted to play these characters –





Iunno why but I really resonated with their stories. WINK WINK.

When I was about thirteen I saw the Illuminati referenced in an Angelina Jolie movie. I was taken by the relics, the empowered female, the kind of stuff that normal people are absolutely terrified by or otherwise call you ‘weird’ for valuing.

I told my mother that night that I wanted to be in the Illuminati. She took me to my “father’s” weird kitchen cabinet and took out a wine and showed me that it was from a vineyard owned by the Illuminati.

Years later a woman representing the “people of the light” told me that I wouldn’t be a famous actor, that I’d get lots of plastic surgery and I was OKAY WITH IT because she told me that I’d marry my soulmate. I was OKAY with not having ANY OF MY DREAMS because I’d be with a person I was in love with.


Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 16.11.02.png

and I realise that OTO teaches people how to leave their bodies. She was dating a guy whose music she didn’t like and using her instagram to take the piss of me. She was the only ‘celebrity’ account I was following.

If you know you know but if you don’t –


Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 16.12.46.png

FYI – I liked her for a bit, too. I was on mind altering drugs. Amongst their side effects were parkinsonism. That thing elderly people get.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 16.14.11.png

What is your excuse?



this is the best song I’ve ever heard


i love her

like i really really love her

sexy jiggles and and omg

fyi she is the sexiest person in the universe right now

i dedicate this song to my middle toe and every guy i’ve ever fancied that picked a blonde/a zoella over me (it’s only ever one of the two and about a year in they come out with a “she attacked me with a razor and tried to stab me” or “i woke up at about 3AM and she was standing over me in bed and sounding kind of possessed she said ‘I’m gonna kill you‘” or “no karina you were right, remember that eight months you spent completely alone in my country because you wouldn’t have sex with anyone while you were awake, with severe parkinsonism and trying to get over that PTSD from everyone you lived for fucking you over, waiting for me to get over her, i spent a night with that ex you told me didn’t love me, and we had sex straight away, even after you told me to wait for two weeks. the next morning she got dressed, said she regretted it and walked out” or a “we had definitely consensual sex – that time – and she told the police that I had made her vagina bleed and then put my hand on the blood and then licked it while she recoiled in fear, in bed. i don’t even like looking at blood and now i get a panic attack everytime someone knocks on my door

someone please buy me a tutu dress like hers/arrange for me to find one in a shop that i can afford cos you know, I’m on job seekers even if I am both legally qualified and talented enough to teach


I also dedicate it to these siblings i hung out with in denmark
i was very nearly considering having MDMA sex with a guy I’d been in love with for about nine? ten years – to make good of an otherwise fucking awful party – and his sister walked in and lay in bed with us and told us that she’d just had sex with someone she didn’t know (I think they like to synchronise their love making) and then i got dressed and we bumped into these two guy siblings having a yaoi moment (brothers kissing, for those uneducated) and I said “That’s weird.” And she said “no thats really normal here”

So um. Upon learning I have lots of sexy siblings – sort of – can one of you come be matchy matchy with me? Can we do it guiltlessly? Obnoxiously? Not someone I actually grew up with because that is messed up. I know I went down on my brother when he was on drugs and I was about three years old but I cannot emphasise how much that fucked up our family life cos we both knew that was weird

I have conditions

1 we don’t FEEL related
2 we LOOK related – you are allowed to be slightly hotter than me but not too much
3 you are taller than me, have hairs on your head
4 you are prepared for me to make you internet famous
5 you are prepared to perform in “twin” pornography with me
6 you’re okay with being bought gifts, i love buying people gifts
7 you’re okay with magic, magical shit happens when i’m happy – magical shit also happens when i’m upset and i cannot be held responsible for it. i mean i am probably responsible for it but you won’t be able to prove it, i won’t be able to prove it – but the timing will be so precise that it will be your one piece of evidence that i am responsible for it. the timing. i mean people die when im upset. you know how in friends phoebe says that when she ‘doesnt floss’ people die? it’s sort of as ridiculous as that but also way more fucked up because people actually die. you can remote view my memories if you want – but all you’ll know is “she was upset that day”
8 you will let me pick your clothes and your shoes
9 you have no affiliations with the number 9 or people i think of as 9s, you don’t find zoella attractive, you have never masturbated thinking of zoella, you don’t find portuguese people attractive, have never spoken to or thought about speaking to or otherwise found a portuguese person attractive, have never visited portugal, you don’t find ‘short girls with big breasts’ attractive, you aren’t a ‘sophie’ guy – I don’t get on with guys that are attracted to girls called ‘sophie’, I don’t get on with girls called ‘sophie’. There might be a decent sophie out there but i doubt we’d get on. if you’d get on with her by all means date her instead. do not bring her into my life, do not try to encourage us to be ‘long distance friends’, do not tell me about her fantastic personality. i’m sure she has one but i doubt we’d make good friends and that i’d enjoy sharing men with her. if you use a sophie or a peaches to try to ‘make me jealous’ – you will take it so far you’ll end up marrying her and i won’t care, unless the wedding is uploaded online and/or hilarious because your taste suddenly changed when we stopped hanging out. then i will care a bit and watch the wedding and spend a month thinking of the perfect neg – which i will upload to the internet. everyone will know it’s about you. you will end up moving abroad with her and taking your bad decisions out on me, when in reality they had nothing to do with me. (if you want to leave me for someone else – pick someone i like. if you don’t it won’t work. it’s okay, i’m alive forever – i’m not threatened by.. anyone.. really.) (i’ll get revenge when you’re both OAPs if i have to)
10 you have a weed contact that is waiting for our daily call and who is prepared to drop what they’re doing to drop off
11 you’re unemployed (but not untalented). i need you around 24/7, i am very clingy and physically affectionate and you have to play with my hair every night ish
12 you can only PRETEND to think of cheating. Not think of cheating. If I fancy them as well it is not technically cheating but don’t do it behind my back. If you cheat you will be kicked out and any gifts i have given you will be returned to me and I will probably forget anything “nice” about you
13 i choose everything we listen to and watch, unless you’ve got a collection of songs – a playlist if you will – about me/you/people I find attractive. only complimentary songs will be accepted
14 if your name is ash stymest you owe me money, message me for my bank details or don’t
15 you must be funny – ha-ha funny, not “funny” like my ex boyfriend luke (who was not ha-ha funny)
16 you must be a good dancer, i like boys who can dance while I zone out on a settee. No I will not dance WITH you. I will film you dancing and people will fall in love with you. You will think you can find someone better at capturing you being cute, unless they are David Lynch or Isabella Rossellini – it’s highly unlikely. If I capture you being not-cute I’m mad about something. Ask me what is wrong.
17 you must be okay with the fact that everyone hates me because everyone hates me. it is worse when i have love interests. it’s okay – they’ll still want to befriend you but be aware that really they’ll be jealous of you and you should probably accept you won’t have any real friends while we’re hanging out/dating/whatever you want to call it
18 if you add 9 and 9 you get 18 and if you add 1 and 8 you get a 9 – so the #9 rule applies. please refer to rule #9
19 you think slavery is bad, you think cheap people are bad, you think rape is bad, you think stealing is bad (unless you are stealing FOOD – or drink – IN FRONT OF ME.)
20 you have no related children or younger siblings who are more talented/better educated than you are
21 you accept in advance that i don’t want to meet your “parents” or your other “siblings” or your “cousins” – you can spend Christmas or Hannukah with them if you want to but I do not want to and I don’t care if they spend it bitching about me. I will know if they spent it bitching about me. I’ll probably accidentally repeat the comments that were made about me. Don’t be weirded out, I wasn’t there. It happens. It’s not like we’re getting married and if we are it’s on Habbo. And it’ll be televised in Israel probably.
22 you have never visited Kent consensually, physically or non physically – and if you have you were really reluctant to do so and you hated it
23 you must have a functional penis. the size is unimportant but you’re being filmed and I’m in no mood for penis related insecurities. I take about 5 minutes to orgasm and I prefer foreplay. Not much is expected of you sexually – I know men pretend otherwise but I actually do all the work – and if you ask for fellatio I will assume you’re being possessed by a dwarf.
24 i prefer circumsised penises but if you’re not circumsised i won’t make you uncomfortable about it but consider it
25 you’re not vincent gallo
26 you don’t neg people unless it’s a legitimately funny neg and you’re prepared for me to bombard you with telepathic negs for the next 20 months
27 see rule #9, #18, it applies
28 if lots of women say you are “good in bed” you are probably not good in bed, which means you do what i say
29 see #9, #18 and #27
30 it is preferred if your hands & feet are bigger than mine
31 you are not into scat but can pretend to be for billions (toilet fetishists, no – good actors – yes)
32 you can pull off boots. i like boots
33 you will not make me run after you in the streets in heels. I’m not going to do that and I will embarrass you for walking in front of me unless I am in one of my coy moods where I hide behind you to piss off someone I’m using to make you jealous
34 you are more intelligent than luke, which isn’t difficult
35 you are a good artist so you can be useful when i need to film my kids spirituality show
36 see #9, #18, #27
37 you have good taste so we can have genuine arguments about how we’re going to dress that day (please feel free to take note of my colour palettes, I can whatsapp/insta them over but colours are blacks, browns, tans, pinks, greys, greens, reds, cream, purple – I’m trying to bring denim back after rihnonna wore double denim in the UK – in public – but it’ll take a really long time for us to get over that as a Universe)
38 you don’t pretend not to be bisexual
39 see #9, #18, #27 & #36
40 you are more rude and also more sweet than me
41 you can have an “improvised” conversation, when i am in public sometimes freemasons approach me for chats and if you embarrass me it’s over
42 if you are ridiculously good looking but can’t do improvised conversation, you agree to limit conversation to “hello”, “good morning”, “good afternoon”, “good evening”, “thankyou” and “good bye” in public ( we will discuss the times by which it’s okay for you to use those. I listen to my earphones when I’m in public mostly so this won’t be difficult
43 you are okay with being immortal, in the event that I think you are too pretty to let die
44 you are okay with being occupied by (really sexy) aliens and angels (this is not optional sorry) and occasionally my future sons who like to hang out sometimes (they look like Trunks from DBZ, Jaeger from AOT, Levi from AOT –

also this is 13. His eyes are wrong here – they’re snake slits.
Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 01.55.36.png

He won’t occupy you though. Just me.)

He did this to my eye
Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 01.58.17.png

His brother Trunx can control the water levels in your body and can prevent you from having successful erections. So no rape either. Sorry. Unless I’m awake and you’re prepared to be destroyed. This is not a sexual invitation – I will probably kill you by accident. He hangs out with Dua Lipa. So stay away from Dua Lipa. Sometimes I listen to Dua Lipa.

45 see #9, #18, #27, #36, #39
46 you do not engage with “the game”, “the game” is for beta fe/males – not royalty, not people that hang out with royalty etc
47 you will not step in in fights between me and other men, don’t ever, ever, ever – you’ll look stupid
48 if you make me look stupid – I might not make a thing of it – but I will make a thing of it later, unless you’re hilarious and attractive (if you aren’t both of these things – and not subjectively – OBJECTIVELY – it’s a no)

Various residents and business owners in Brighton are engaging in weird bullying victimisation to women and I’m unsure as to how to successfully and subtly explain that they are to no small extent invading my personal privacy.

You have a lot of celebrities who have been given more money than they have been taught to be responsible for. Most people have no idea how to be responsible with money – and “saving” is not what I consider responsible.

I think the police need to be investigated – by the military – for their abuses to people’s personal privacy. I did annotate a lengthy address to yourselves regarding how much access they have to citizen information and that they do employ a variety of strategies to both select victims and criminals in childhood and that they are a crime syndicate of their own that financially benefits from said crimes – particularly drug related crime – through selecting candidates that will ensure that the money comes back to them.

And when there have been appropriate investigations that I assure will only confirm the outrageous truth – the military will need to be investigated also, because they will probably have been seduced by the possibility of all the things people can get away with when they think that there will be no consequence. I know that our princes have a lot to be accountable for and that they themselves are protected by the idea that they are above the law when in truth, they’re not at all. Having both engaged with the military they ought to be investigated also – I assure you that you will find that they have had many engagements with illegal and unacceptable activity, including modern slavery.

I don’t know who it would be correct to suggest that we need to find people who can be above the military to -(operating a gun, flying a plane and operating a ship – and basic PGL athleticism and an agreeableness to shoot innocent people are not the extent of the requirements that we should seek citizens to meet in order to feel “protected” by them when they “train” overseas and otherwise render our female cadets into states of absolute fear to sleep or drink because they might be targeted for unconscious sexual activity) and whose consciences are unquestionable.

Did I mention that I am in support of the death penalty? I am.
I have a lot of notes about Templar uniforms that I am quite prepared to contribute. I can also suggest a lot of people who would be interested in being a Templar, who have had a spiritual education and who are academics and who are athletic too. Do contact the School of Economic Science.

I’m quite certain that there are people who are investing financially in making it unpleasant for me to go out – I think it would be quite nice if you could send a request to all the local shop keepers and restauranteurs – detailing the legalities of running a service or business (I’ve been fortunate enough to learn that there are) with very particular attention to suggestions for how to treat people when they engage with your service or shop – and also perhaps offer some training to people who have been improperly raised or schooled as to correct manners in the professional workplace, even in the absence of a superior. Training new people or otherwise finding new employees to learn to trust all over again must be quite painful for independent shop keepers.

I do think that there should be a qualification in British manners – as not everyone can afford finishing school but would most certainly benefit from being taught how to behave like a civilised person. I’m not suggesting that we all start pretending to be aristocracy, but there is a difference in having manners and being appropriate socially and being a pleb. And I have met various members of the upper middle class who are worser yobs than the alcoholic punks that used to frequent Camden so it isn’t a “class” attack either.

I know that a lot of British people like to move abroad and that they make a spectacle of themselves in doing so.
I know that many foreigners come here and embarrass themselves too – but there’s a lot of power in assuming responsibility for that, that is, the suggestion that we might be responsible for making foreigners believe that acting like that here is okay because our citizens definitely go and do it in their countries. I avoid the news and I was made aware that we rather insulted Switzerland (I know, I’m leaving it there) by defacing IKEA. For example. I’m quite sure that many of the individuals that did so have numerous belongings furnishing their homes with items from IKEA, who kindly provide furniture that the many single mothers in our country assemble and move around their homes with minimal difficulty. And it’s that kind of unforgivable consideration that I find lacking in many British people who think they have any business in running this country, actually.

We can’t trust any of our football fans not to embarrass us when they go to matches in other countries and the entire industry serves as a complete diplomatic nightmare. The fact that football is so submerged in British culture really only goes to show how underevolved we are. Intelligent, sensitive, creative people, people who use their minds to design or think or pursue higher thought don’t seem to be all that interested in football and there is probably some reasoning that deserves exploration there.

We can’t even trust British footballers with female British passport holders – I’m sure you’re not unaware that amongst their hobbies is roofying women and then practising group sex with their unconscious bodies? Our society teaches young boys that it is acceptable to aspire to be like that, and the impact of doing so has affected so many generations (rape does – by the way – affect many, many generations of women. Even if it goes undiscussed, once the damage is done – children are never unaware that something of that nature has happened and their interactions with the world are further affected.) that at present, the social impact of the repercussions of rape culture is untold. There has always been marital rape, but a society that endorses the celebrity worship and iconography of men who have dedicated every braincell they possess towards “winning” or “losing” a game in which they kick a ball across a field – and their wives/girlfriends – is the most sorry state of our times. If you look at ancient cultures in which football did NOT exist – they were prolific artists that built monuments that neither todays artists nor todays architects nor todays scientists can explain. The best we’ve got is the Millenium Dome? The olympics logo which cost our tax payers a lot of money, too. And the Harry Potter books, so we can thank J.K Rowling that at least the hoards of children that these men breed have something to read when they’re not doing whatever else it is that they like to do. Because they’re not being taught how to read or speak English properly by their parents – the ‘famous’ footballers that have children are men who were taken out of school in their teens and have no qualifications to speak of. They are chosen to have that much money because the companies do adequate research to ensure that they won’t use that money to acquire power – those footballers end up infiltrating social groups of women whose family have some power – raping them or otherwise learning about ‘power’ – the only thing they were ever wanted for was their ability to kick a ball – pretending that they have any business running the country or even investing in businesses that this country relies on – because they learned that a social banter about politics in which they repeat opinions that they were fed by the media (that their employers invest in) can massage their ego better than winning a football game.

There are so many people who do not have jobs, who would never abuse the opportunity therein by abusing someone who wanted to invest in their business. And who are kept poor because the government rather like to pretend that this country is struggling financially when the truth is that it isn’t.
At all. People running local businesses and the shop-keeper economy is struggling because people are prefer to buy things online. At this point I can’t determine whether this is a good thing entirely or a bad thing – I think that there are some establishments that deserve to have physical shops, that make going out exciting for residents and tourists. I don’t think the majority of shops I’ve visited in Brighton are that exciting.

If we were struggling financially – there is no way in HELL that we would’ve considered Brexit. If this dishonesty towards a struggling economy has been some attempt to make ourselves independent I think it is poorly considered and I further pity our PM for being so stupid as to engage or make public speeches that discredit her and perhaps any woman at all from being prime minister again.

If we have a prime minister who feels it acceptable not to teach young women to smack away an uninvited hand perhaps we need to hire some pornstars and prostitutes who know the value of skin to skin contact to fix the country. It’s an act of war, that hand touch.

Lots of love,

Anna Karina

I accidentally transported one of those misery books about people that were tortured and i’m thinking of doing a dramatic reading of it with a directors commentary on the bits that I found personally insulting

Inspired by this

“she was never toilet trained”, “doctors said she’d never live a normal life again”

first of all – thank your lucky stars i wasnt toilet trained because it meant i could teach an entire planet/universe how to take a shit

second of all – if a person KNOWS they’re being watched and you’re keeping them poor, telling them lies and planning all of your conversational interaction – AND they’re an INTROVERT – you are stealing their energy, making them feel WATCHED and making them lose faith in your shitty species that still hasn’t thanked her PROFUSELY for teaching them that they don’t need to take a reading book or a magazine into the toilet.

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I kept being told I didn’t look like my photos by people I wouldn’t of accepted money to date