I sent the locusts on the wind, such as the world has never seen

Songs you ought to listen to Moses was a mute and his brother Aaron translated for him. I like to think you all understand why arabs and foreigners struggle to find work in your country, it is because you are all racist and because you do not know how to value what other cultures haveContinue reading “I sent the locusts on the wind, such as the world has never seen”


DO YOU KNOW WHY I HAVE NO TECH? Apart from that it was my brother that insisted that we were a techno family, and the British princies were jelly of him so they arranged to have him put in a hospital (trust me, when he looks himself – he’s a million times hotter than anyContinue reading “EARPHONE PURCHASE GUIDE”


When I was younger I saw amazing candy-dispensaries for selling and distributing school girl’s underwear in Japan, on television. There are many taboos and the fetishisation or sexualisation of adolesence is amongst those. I don’t resent attraction between two people. Once I quoted Germaine Greer about society wishing that young girls wouldn’t fall in loveContinue reading “DOG GODS”