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I have had several bowls of coco pops today. I was actually really dwelling on how I am now one of those people that consumes cereals more than once a day. I’m a poor sim. (Nono, this is the second or third day I’ve been eating cereals. I’m in it for the chocolate milk. My budget doesn’t permit chocolate milk. My guilt function makes it really difficult to buy things that I need to recycle because I hate to wash the packaging so I leave it sitting in the sink and end up binning it anyway.)

My Tescos shop is coming in on Tuesday, I think. I’ll have to snoop around for a pound or two for some extra milk.


I am waiting for paint and glue to dry. My artists studio? um flat? has gotten twenty times cuter. I am pretending to be riche with a £12 William Morris-ish wallpaper I bought from Wilkos by pasting it into the cupboard. It has changed the vibe of my flat from at least one angle.

I bought that trunk for about ten pounds and I’ve been doing little things to it. The lady in the shop said it was from the Victorian Era (she might’ve said inspired by or something to that effect) but I don’t know that they had turquoise dyes back then. It’s unimportant because I love it.


Here is me donning some shorts I dyed purple when I was living at Bernie’s.

.the opening for samurai champloo is cool. also i stole the clouds. everyone has an idea or perception of how to simplify clouds and i really like this one. here is the credit.

In the event the video is removed & you’re too lazily-natured a reader to find it.

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 16.30.20.png

.i’ve paused samurai champloo for morrissey. im nursing a nostalgic heart okay, i’m still menstruating and everything

.I’m going to spend a couple of hours on this pinterest archive

.i think people need to be told sometimes that my taste in tool and a perfect circle is ironic. there’s this terrible sense of humour about all of their songs and i think there’s some brain wave meme that might be able to explain the levels of understanding and that is my obnoxious inner teenager

who made an appearance to cosplay che guevara


the images were cut out from a maybe-not-vintage-but-definitely-early-nineties disney colouring book that i bought at the local oddity shoppe

while I was editing it I tried to explain what were recurring WW2 daydreams and PTSD flashbacks and nightmares in a concise non-specific narrative that is edgy enough to sell to hipsters

_MG_4918.JPG.The proportions in my kitchen are fucked up_MG_4961eddit_MG_4966.and today i collected two military jakkits (inauthentic ones) i had customised. I am going to pay to have their parts swapped. they’re unfinished. i clambered onto my little balcony to take some photos. i tried to mao them up abit


.when i first moved in i planted some seeds from the vintage workshop. they’re slowly growing and that sort of thing makes me so happy

Earlier today I saw a post on my secondary school’s facebook about Chimamanda Ngozi’s Ted Talk. The second the video began to play I knew I’d be able to listen to her speaking for hours. I became very familiar with her story and I went on a lot of thought journeys but the ones I decided to annotate were the following:

.Ngozi Adichi talking about walking into a bookshoppe and asking for a book for a child in her family somehow took me on a thought journey through which I realised that the adult industry/the porn industry is probably the only industry that really pioneered the embraces the differences in performers of different nationalities/races and colours.

.Fairuza Balk might’ve been the first Arab woman I had ever seen in a film.
{American History X} {Doing a sex scene}

In 2012 I started planning working towards a graphic novel. That was seven years ago. These two images were taken from a mini-album on my behance.

I started illustrating the mis en scene using a graphics tablet and photographs because i couldn’t afford an artist who could draw the level of detail i’d of wanted. so i’d trace images and collage them into compositions. I was going through a lot of stuff that needed explanation and that was the only way I could do it.


i’d pick the lines that created the most distinctive shapes, and i’d draw over the objects and figures using the paint tool and the straight line function. I know there are all sorts of apps around that make it possible for a person to do that now, but I used to do it manually. I’d zoom into the images I was drawing over so that they were blown up pixel by pixel forms. I didn’t get how to find tutorials online and at the time there weren’t many around – so I had to work it all out for myself.

{Segueway: I got to play with the idea of filling a shop up with magazines I'd made.}



It meant I could play with dimension and proportion and use objects that I don’t think had ever been depicted together in 2D. If you’re curious as to why I chose to use a stock image of a laptop rather than my macbook (this girl and i brought in the idea of apple computers being domestic necessities.) it’s because I like the idea of playing with/exchanging/decorating external bodies.


If you have an idea – work on it for a minute to an hour to a week and keep it visible and come back to it. Anyway – it’s fun that I have some stuff to contribute to the thing that is really sitting at the back of my head.

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