I do a form of meditation that I most benefit from through expressing very personal thought journeys. I’ve always been taught the ‘why’ of anything we do should have some significance, because everything we do requires that we take the energy from something or someone else.
I think that I grew the most as a person through being able to somehow enjoy the personal glimpses of women’s lives. That’s actually always the sort of literature I’ve enjoyed, the World through the female perspective. I could go on and on, actually, about how wonderful it is that women have found a way to publish their literary work – because that wasn’t a thing – a long time ago. And my personal meditations take my thought journeys to those pasts a lot – but it’d probably be better just to clarify, it’s my place to be comfortably weird. It’s my personal truth disguised in the form of an “art blog”.

The only thing you should take from reading the stuff I write, is perhaps that you should stop caring about how the real you is received by others.


just another internet addicted ultra-introvert / i live in pyjamas & men’s shirts but i love to dress up for the right adventure / i’m sure i’d be a night wandering street artist if I weren’t so worried about getting you in trouble.



My ultimate ambition is to live an inimitable life.

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