I am time-travel preparing to celebrate christmas alone next year.

I am not sad. I look sad. In the photograph I posted of myself, I look sad. I’m not sad. Men only like me when I look miserable. It’s a look. I have no reason to be sad. I am happy. I have every reason in the Universe to be happy. I look topless. Sometimes I post topless photos on the internet but I am not topless. I have a line on my chin that appears when I defend a very particular blonde.

This accidental cardboard rocket: in my head it shall become a christmas tree.

and this inexpensive fruit and fibre cereal (I particularly enjoyed the dry banana, I recommend it for the dry banana)

Became this strange sculpture of a sea creature

And I assure myself that it’ll become a dining table centerpiece in a year’s time from now because I can’t afford Christmas and what on Earth are you doing celebrating Christmas without dining table centerpieces?!

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