These pieces are a response to a guy that turned down a two-girls-one-boy threesome-hunting-trip to Uganda. I’m glad he did but it would’ve been fun.

I had SethSpeaks youtube recordings playing in the background. I have a difficult relationship with my eating habits because I like eating meat, I mostly eat meat: but I love animals.

I would wear animals that had been ethically killed. I love feathers. I have leather shoes and leather handbags, I think. I prefer the texture of faux fur to real fur: but I would wear fur.

I bleached burgundy fabric and likened the bleach impressions on the fabric to flesh. I left the fabric and the bleach to sit and with perfect timing Seth alerted me that it was time to wash the bleach off.

Without intention or any excess of fabric mutilation, I slowly crafted the physical form of a skinned rabbit which I intend to fashion into hairclips.

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