British Police

The reason that people who have been victims of sexual crimes struggle to report sexual crimes with coherence or what is an immediately accurate recollection of the time line of events is because the police view & interfere with their memories to make them seem less credible, they know when women have been sexually molested or raped and they actually interfere with women’s visual landscapes so that women appear to have consented or sexualised the potential molestation or rape.
No one in this day and age WANTS to be raped or molested, you might fantasise about ‘rough sex’ because the idea of ‘losing control’ over yourself is quite fun but there are deeper long-term implications that you might have removed yourself from.
Psychological torture is much worse than physical torture, I’ve been a victim of BOTH. It is not sexy. Men in a trance might think it is sexy but men are inherently made stupid by their sexual appetites. Sorry, no offence, but it true.
Do not masturbate to relieve yourself of the sexual tension, have a cold shower. Call your mother. Call a friend that picks her toes while she chats to you. Help a friend shave her legs or tweeze her facial hair or wax her unkempt bikini line if you don’t trust your male friends.
I’m trying to trivialise and make light of this but it’s not trivial. Seek turn offs, not turn ons, when you struggle to sexualise a person lying on their back.
Some women do sexualise very frightening sexual experiences within the confines of their mental landscapes and some men are stupid enough to choose to enact those fantasies rather than discuss them verbally, sober and on numerous occasions before actually participating in them with any kind of education. For example you need to know that PTSD is a risk in certain sexual exchanges, especially if you have been sexualising exchanges you might’ve unknowingly been a victim of and repressed the memory as a coping mechanism. Which happens. It might be the police or a variety of personal influences that encourage women to have these fantasies but at this point it’s difficult to ascertain because people that would encourage that sort of thing are very quiet about it. And rightly so, which is why it is important to be able verbally discuss these fantasies with people. It is also important to be able to acknowledge with all parties involved as to why you are both individually drawn to the victim slash victimiser roles sexually, perhaps even with a psychiatrist, before enacting them. If you want to make your sex lives more interesting, where your mental health is later potentially at risk I encourage that you invest towards exploring those fantasies with psychiatrists that remain entirely neutral and who can both appreciate your right to have messed-up fun but who are also, void of judgement, able to help you and your partner(s) to consider the long term gravitas of those fantasies because the human brain is sometimes a rich and sponge like organ that can be receptive to much more stimuli than you’re aware of and that you might even have seen as an infant and learned to cope with it by sexualising it, which might not be your true response to that treatment.
They police also take advantage of the very appropriate distress that sex-crime victims display by adopting the use of very strange psychological triggers which render them verbally incapacitated.
Muteness is an initial response to PTSD.
Communication difficulties are a reality of the very early and initial stages of PTSD.
I have had PTSD on and off, to fresh experiences, all of my life.
I had PTSD at three years old, which means my personality was forever affected by PTSD.
I am capable of acting entirely “normal” in the face of PTSD triggers, where most women have learned to manipulate (not wrongfully, but honesty is appropriate – if the manipulation gets you the help you need to cope with what you’ve seen, DO IT.) in order to acquire affection that would soothe their PTSD.
My PTSD makes me choose not to seek affection at all, actually if I have PTSD over a trigger I would appreciate you fuck off, I mean it, fuck off and leave me alone.
My PTSD makes me VERY cruel. Now: Cruelty is not necessarily something you associate with ‘being mean’, or ‘hurting’ someone. Sometimes it is helping someone to be a little bit more mindful of their personal variety of stupidity.
It is plausible to assume that I get PTSD every time I take a shit. Don’t worry about it. I learned early on in life that it isn’t your problem. But I’ve also learned that if a disabled person says “I am disabled, please help me by doing X, Y, X” in my instance for example: if I say “I need to be alone, I need to lie down” the least you can fucking do is have some basic bitch fucking respect and get the hell away from me.
If you do not, I promise you that life will teach you personally why you should.
The police know all of this because they select people who have engaged with particularly NHS service counselling and psychiatry.
The police then filter those victims into abusive relationships or sexual relationships and observe them living very painful lives that is: they perpetuate quiet, discreet abuse for years and years. They discourage these (often but not exclusively) women from trying to find help by making them believe that there is no help available, outside of that which the police can offer. Firemen and the military do also engage in rape too: and sometimes telephoning the military or alternative services is a planned event that creates of the victim a sense of security when no such thing has been afforded to them.

The Police (often but not always) then isolate these (often but not always:) women from anyone they know, and then find cause to appear in those women’s lives once again when they are comfortable in the notion that these women are entirely segregated from anyone that ‘knows’ them. For example, in my situation it was the theft of £4000 or so worth of valuables that I know are in their possession and that I know they used civilians they were threatened by, to steal. That does not excuse the civilians, to do so so easily means that it is not the first time you have done so.


They also influence people that they know – to make either those people look unhinged or to further victimise the person crying out for help by making them look unhinged. Often they will trigger the emotional

Alternatively, when they find a woman who is difficult to trigger into a state of distress they make her look unhinged.
I assure you: the more unhinged I seem, the more ‘lucid’ I am.
That is probably frightening to you, it ought to be. I mean you need to accept that fear has many forms, and I have lived with all kinds of threats upon me ALL OF MY LIFE. I have the personality profile of a real sociopath, not a sexual fantasy for little boys and bulldykes running around with police badges, searching for criminals to do the sexy sordid work for them while they sit back and watch.
That does not mean (I know you are stupid, so I will disclaim:) that I enjoy watching people experience pain. I really, really don’t. I don’t like seeing people in pain. ITS ALL IVE KNOWN. IT ISNT SEXY TO ME. IF IT IS SEXY TO YOU, TO WATCH PEOPLE SUFFER – YOU ARE DAMAGED. YOU NEED SOME KIND OF PSYCHIATRIC HELP. YOU SHOULD NOT BE WORKING FOR THE POLICE.
The police force, certainly of this country, are a defuct (I’ll leave the typo there, I meant ‘defunct’) societal mess that do not value their positions nor do they seem – this is with consistence – to really understand their place in society.
I’m going to warn you: I am not as stupid as you. I have a LOT of self control.
Psychiatrists learned that I PROTECT “abusers” – the reason is, I don’t need to physically hurt people to “be abusive”. I do not seek to abuse people, I do not need to SPEAK to abuse people. I am abundantly aware that I can abuse someone from another side of a Planet.

I protect my abusers because I carry a self awareness in me that it is abused people that abuse. If someone is stealing from ME, knowing that I’d never do it to them, it is their stupid little subconscious telling them that they are being robbed blind.



I seem so impatient but I can wait years for first: the TRUTH. Then years more for you to learn your lesson.


I protect abusers, for all sorts of reasons: but the most important TRUST ME – is that I am the worst one. NOT ONLY THAT: I ACTUALLY PITY THEM, WHICH IS THE WORST THING FOR AN ABUSER. You know when you have a child, that’s done something wrong, and you ‘do nothing’? They know you know, you know they know you know – the last thing they want is to be pitied for hurting someone that they should not have hurt. It becomes, pity: a form of abuse.


All I have done, all of my life, is analyse abusive people. They were the only kind of people I could invite into my life.

It is not a competition, I loathe to encourage you to think so or to SEXUALISE it – I am offering you a DISCLAIMER.


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