I sent the locusts on the wind, such as the world has never seen

Songs you ought to listen to

Moses was a mute and his brother Aaron translated for him.

I like to think you all understand why arabs and foreigners struggle to find work in your country, it is because you are all racist and because you do not know how to value what other cultures have to teach you, even about yourselves and the religion you claim as your country’s but that could not have existed without Judaism.

Jesus Christ is a JEW.


My Matty.

You don’t want to hurt vampires, they are MUCH more dangerous without bodies. It would be good if you know the people who make new bodies – but you don’t – so you occupy infants instead. Let my family know when you need us again, I am the head of the family and I will be accepting letters of apology and begging. I know you know my address.

I vampired my flies and my spiders and my rules were pretty clear.

The flies are total show offs though and they do like me to see them.

One of my baes.

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