People you didn’t know were Jews.


I enjoyed her in a few things. I don’t think she’s a nice person. But she’s a Jew. She did a lot of work with Emirates Airlines and actually, Arabs really do adore her.

This is Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger is one of those fancy sephardic jews (Sephardic like Sephora, like Sephiroth etc) which is only less fancy a variety of Jew than the Cohens


This is a Jew playing a character that was based on my Syrian dad





I used google image and these actors names to find the images. I don’t own them. I don’t know who took them. I’ll add more images of people you wouldn’t of thought were Jews later.

Like me, though, they’d of had to of whitied themselves up a bit to get work/co exist with white people.

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