Today Joana the portuguese hobbit mother (the one I photographed stalking me. As in she’d of had to of looked through my facebook to be able to have stalked me from portugal to the united kingdom on that day.) popped into my head when i was trying to shit and I was literally like “Uh, NO, i am NOT helping you shit”

Weirdly enough I experienced a pain in an overy < that misspelling, I’ll leave that little accident there and I’ll leave to your discerning minds to judge, to pretend you have any right to do so

When I was actively pushing.

Years ago an NHS doctor called “Dr Sloper” put a hand on one of my ovaries and then after that I began to experience pain there occasionally. I had a cold.

I don’t know why she touched my ovary and why my ‘mother’ would have permitted her to touch me there.

Then when I was washing myself afterwards I felt my guides use me to say “I HAVE THAT OVARY BACK?!” (It hurt to get it back though.) (Really hurt.)

Joana – not you. You are not fertile. The fact that you got pregnant actually served as an explanation to me why all of these fertile women kept losing children and all of these infertile women kept having ‘miraculous’ babies. (I felt compelled to slip a few notes into a mutual friends wallet after we had sex.)

Do you remember when you said “I have problems with my periods” and how you’d like to be a “goddess” ….


By the way – I’ve got a route towards healing myself of my stomach issue and it is to do with Maggots. I’m sure you will copy but please don’t copy me if you abuse animals or mind control them. They are actually adorable, incredible, emotionally intelligent insects that deserve better than to be looked at by someone who is grossed out by them. Writing that makes me feel to almost cry.

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