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Once as a child I was playing with a little boy and two girls, and he knelt on the ground the way I had to when I was in pain. I said to him “You need to go to the toilet.” – I really wasn’t making fun of him but we had been teasing him. That’s how I’d learned to talk to boys from hanging out with guys that played games like Final Fantasy and are why there are people MY age that make money from playing games.

It feels like you’re stopping flatulence from coming out of your body or having spasms from needing to take a shit but really you’re resisting something from going inside your body. It takes a person like me to say that with this much confidence.

It takes a person proving that it is possible to be a medium for all of the women made to feel stupid for going to psychics for hope that their lives might ‘get better’, when they were made to feel like the psychics that had so much truth to share were liars after their money (why don’t you assume that the people saying things like that to you could be the liars?) their readings being heard by unintended, unpaying audiences. You sitting in on a person’s reading means you’re stealing energy from the two consenting participants and it is theft.

Islam punishes theft by cutting off a limb, and I am becoming an advocate for this.

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