I’m arting. This will be a jewel tree. For my jewels.


This is a portrait that featured in Miss Kittie’s debut and it is totally Amber Khan. It wasn’t initially intended to be a portrait of her, but it became her. It’s very unfinished and very religious-iconography inspired.

It is also very Joshua Petker inspired.



Years ago he did an exhibition featuring lots of portraits he’d done of various softcore pornstars and I liked his style. I’ve never seen what he looks like and I don’t want to either.

This is some paint I bought from the local hardware shoppe. I’m going with black, cream and grey for my flat.


What do you think of my paintjob?


I went to home sense and I bought these biscuit clips, I also went to another shoppe – I’ve a flyer lying around here and it’s a shoppe that deserves special attention because I really enjoyed perusing their items and I found things that I fell in love with entirely.

These lemon lights are from there.


This beetle is from there. I used to spend hours collecting beetles by a poolside in Dubai and putting them into a little nurses bag. These beetles are my thing if anything is my thing. Also dinosaurs.



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