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“got rid of the pitts and put rotts by the door”

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I really want to buy this Karl-come-out-of-hiding-everyone-knows-you’re-a-vampire flirty shade of black.


Look at this Jester Kuromi luggage omgo nfgkjsdfgkjsdfg on Sanrio

If you kill a vampire then you and they are transported to a dimension where they appear at their last safe memory. I say ‘dimension’ but we don’t have the ability to really percieve dimension yet. There are one dimensional people figuratively “they only think of one thing” and it should make sense that it could be literal too. Even if we can’t formulate the notion at this point in time, it’s true in most sciences and arts and those pursuits are the greatest route towards trying to understand the truth/illumination/enlightenment.

It’s a by invitation only ‘party’ because most people aren’t trustworthy enough and most of their intentions really don’t align with mine or mine or mine or mine or mine (I have many intentions at once and all of them are as good as I can be, which is gooder than thou probably. Which is why I can write this, and you can’t.) and I can’t be responsible for that mess. If you steal my privacy or my time, you really can’t afford to repay me. It’s probably your collective faults that your currency has become not-enough to me, don’t forget it, I promise you I won’t.

Keep to my blog. My blog is the experience I am prepared to offer you free of charge. Reading my blog is not stealing.

A vampire’s death might even have been witnessed but it doesn’t mean much. I vampired my bird and on one occasion she leapt off my balcony and I’m sure I watched her die from the sofa. The second time she disappeared and I accepted her loss, she appeared on the hidden side of the sofa and I KNOW she wasn’t there.

I don’t know the details but if you have questions, there’s an answer. If I told you how I know you’d be unprepared to believe me. It really isn’t like the films. You deserve to know that for a time when you’re prepared to believe it. I believe the idea of vampiring people ought to – if removed from attachments that made NO sense – reflect the fact that they are people that are so wonderful and significant that it would be wrong to ever let them die. Those kinds of people generally aren’t assholes, aren’t users, aren’t people who justify doing things they shouldn’t do, aren’t people who break important rules, aren’t people prepared to influence children to break important rules.

I will not turn you into a vampire, don’t manipulate me into it. I vampired a few of my intelligent, responsive, communicative spider friends and I did so knowing that they will only continue to grow in sunlight. Believe me or assume I’m playing a sexual roleplay game. You are not invited to either of those realities and the only person you could possibly have to blame is yourself.


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