This is an image from a show called Xavier Renegade Angel

One time my teacher Lisa said to me “if you kill yourself in this life, itll be three times worse the next time round” and so one time, when I was living in Surrey and I could smell a weird gas in the air and I had to sleep and then I woke up certain that I’d been raped – obviously it was terrifying – (good for you if thats the result you wanted – everyone knows who did it and they’re pretending they don’t.) – I wrote about this before – I actually sold my soul so that I could have revenge. Sort of.

I gave my body up to the angel Lucifer specifically for revenge and that was before I realised I’m royalty to Israel. I don’t want to be royalty to Israel but they don’t have a better person for the job. They probably wish that they did but jewish men aren’t actually very clever.

I’d love the gift of being able to choose exactly and precisely what people’s bodies would look like. So I could pick bodies for all my old “friends”

The truth is that I would use the gift for evil

but I feel like I paid to do so. I paid to be the worst version of me.

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