.o hay

.the weather in Brighton is good.


.I applied some egg wash to the leaves of my plants some time ago and there’s still some traces there. it’s been so hot lately that i’m wondering if the egg wash might be protecting the leaves because in parts they’ve discoloured from sun burn and in others they haven’t. this is the kind of stuff i think about. all day.


.can you see that little white blob? that is skwid-innard. squid. innard. i fed it to the soil technically. i like to put weird things in soil. i imagine that plants and soil are the least picky eaters. when i lived in farnham years ago i used to put drops of bodily fluids like semen and discharge into soil and a cannabis plant responded really well to that.



.the bottles to the right, in the photograph below, are the left overs of a lot of bombay sapphire gin which i refuse to drink – i poured half the bottle into a ceramic bowl with three chicken thighs in. With all sorts of other stuff – which i noted down. I like to have things in the house in the event that I ever have someone over – which I don’t think will happen for a very long time. I’m not really the sort to enjoy drinking alone but I learned that alcohol is great with food. The alcohol evaporates, so you don’t get drunk. But it tastes really nice. I also used my honey-beer (top photo.)



.i bought myself a £2 mint plant from tescos. they make me really happy. mint plants might be amongst my favourite. i think they’re very sweet and they quite like to share spaces with other plants.


.the plant with nosey little purple flowers is really competitive. she? is an outdoor plant but she insists on being indoors. i don’t know why i know that – but i can see it in how the stems move around. she moves around daily. ofcourse she is very subtle about it, plants are generally. they needn’t be but they are

.i took another photo, to illustrate, but i’ve not uploaded it yet.

.this is the lord’s butter – i do not use it on bread, i use it when i cook with natural antiseptics like lemon and bicarbonate of soda


.really complaints: i will never ever really be able to be a person that does not do food/soap etc in military packaging that you can’t make look the same again. i mean i can, but that’s if i live in a home with broken glass on the surface of every roof and wall and bars on the windows. and it is difficult to be that person and the real me. the real me gives no fucks because she knows you’ll pay for it.

.complaints but not really: i don’t have a boyfriend, my pink hdmi cable from a tiger store that was actually IN denmark and might’ve been the only thing i bothered buying myself (they even made little toys of me – but i didn’t buy them because i was offended that she had green eyes.) BROKE, i don’t have a girlfriend of any kind and probably won’t want one ever again, i don’t have a washing machine but i have a lot of laundry that needs doing and it’s a choice between unblocking my toilet AGAIN or washing my clothes that I probably won’t wear for ages, i don’t like other human beings – and i don’t need to do ANYTHING for other human beings not to like me – and i’m okay with it – and i don’t see myself ever not being okay with it

.positives: but i really like my little fucked up kitchen. most human beings couldn’t cope with a kitchen like this. i’m not showing off. i promise you there’s nothing to show off about this arrangement.


.but i am also showing off because WHO didn’t want one of those cute kids bedroom-baking ovens?


.and who my age wouldn’t of chosen death over most of my life, really

.note to self – i need a label maker.







I have dried tescos manuka honey on my face and £2 argan oil from a shoppe in west london in my hair. I have a squid in my mouth. #squidbillies




.i haven’t edited any of these and i actually feel lazy for it



.what looks like a really elaborate photoshoot is often a casual selfie

edited to add: i forgot to annotate this: i had to take the cold shoulder top that doesnt fit me off because i dropped squid on myself

.i wanted to be a fashion photographer. the kind that shot editorials and softcore pornography. my style of photography and the crops i use are indicative of the budget which i have always worked with (fucking eat or fucking buy this)

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