ughhhh fuck periods

basically if there were people on the internet I wanted to speak to I’d say

I just spent 24 hours without electricity (like 15 hours)

I was cooking bacon and I ate it – not raw – but basically raw (normally, fine)

and then a few minutes later, I was lying in bed trying to work out who to hate for the collection of domestic and physiological inconveniences that are presently bothering me and then I got severe diarrhea cramps and nausea and I wanted to throw up

I was trying to determine whether I needed to use the toilet (blocked, again, so that would’ve sucked) because I was having a bad reaction to the bacon or whether I was starting my period (which also sucks but sucks less than food poisoning or hypochondria. I don’t have hypochondria but if you get a stomach ache after consuming meat that is technically not fully cooked, it is appropriate to be concerned that your body might not be able to digest it. Iunno)

I thought of a doctor and asked if I had been poisoned and they said “it’s a period.” thanks. so much. love you.

I ate all of my brioche, all of my cornershop camelot vanilla wafers, all of my cooking chocolate and all of my ferrero rochers

i’m trying to teach myself how to save by “collecting” different kinds of chocolate which was never ever going to work, ever

saving makes no sense. gonna put that out there. it’s a stupid thing to do.

i recently bought myself a new harddrive so i could finish editing all of the videos i’ve made this year that i actually like but my electricity ran out just as i was about to dedicate myself to work. here are some unedited photos of my bedroom that i’d like to delete from my camera but that i’d also like to remember.


I found this really creepy “1 star house keeping” book next to a bin and it featured a photograph of this plate design amongst some of the food photography and THAT is why I am pissed off that so much of the stuff I had been collecting while I grew up “went missing”. (My first ever set of plates were a sky blue plastic set from Primark that matched the colour of my first bedroom, by some coincidence, but they disappeared)




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