You know when people call themselves “fashion influencers” and you’re like… No.  But it’s very difficult to explain why you’re not a fashion influencer without sounding nasty or undermining what todays “fashion influencers” are – people who stimulate the economy by masquerading advertorial content as a form of entertainment thus encouraging people to spend their money, a form of entertainment that people respond very well to for some reason. (EVEN ME. I like seeing items that I can’t find anywhere else.)

but YOU are not a “fashion influencer”. The implication of being a “fashion influencer” is that you wore a thing in a time period that people were not wearing that thing very much, and that people were moved to imitate or adopt the look into their own style. This means that being a “fashion influencer” has nothing to do with what is already in fashion.

and because i’m having a bitchy fifteen minutes

i actually hated this Manson song but in saying so nonchalantly, I can kind of consider how I’m overlooking how fucked it is, with our present perspectives.

This fashion influencers that made it okay for todays instagram goths to have pink/purple/green/blue/aquamarine stripper Anne Boleyn flowing hair without being made a villain of by the locals, on unemployment benefits, police watch, – cos thats what it was like about fifteen years ago. (FYI – whether it is because I looked cute or because I looked like a fucking mess – I have NEVER not been a person that people notice when I’m walking in the streets and I can cope with that. If you can’t cope with that, do not even try to follow the ‘girl next door’ model for 15 minute famez

was blamed for mass-terrorist incidents. Bombings and school shootings. If you had any idea of how much thought has to go into each of these songs and these videos you’d struggle to work out how he could’ve wanted that. Artists are my favourite kind of terrible human. Good ones, I mean. But yes – you – not a fashion influencer. Manson is a fashion influencer.


I mean at best “be selective about your enemies”. If you make an enemy of a person who has not achieved 1% of what you have, they benefit from it more than you do. They’ll start thinking that they’re fashion designers, that they’re fashion influencers, that they’re Che Guevara iconic or something

i can hurt you more than you can hurt me btw

imagine sticking up for this guy through time and space and him

sticking up for your worst enemy, through time and space


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