This is an illustration in my sketchbook that I’m becoming happy with. It is a pair of tights on a female form.

I’d like to save up for a scanner that can scan A2 documents. I’ve so many sketchbooks I’d like to put on the internet.

I updated my instagram today. I ate cold pizza for breakfast. I prefer cold melted cheese and cold tomato sauce on pizza.

I’ve decided that my flat is the live/work studio I always wanted, that’s the direction I’m taking the interiors.

You know when people who’ve studied Art say that doing so ruined their love for it and that the curriculum tasks often really stifled their creativity? It does do that. but also it’s a useful/good study and i think that once you’ve studied art you can forget about it, ought to forget about it, live some life and then return to your art and your technique will come back when your creativity returns. At uni a lecturer said that you don’t ever consider work finished – you keep going back to it.

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