I’ve just bought some prints to stick in my sketchbook from photobox. I’m excited for my UHU photo glue too. (Before I moved to Brighton,) the amazing lady at the Job Centre in Ealing looked at me and said “you’re burned out”. I disagreed initially – but now that I am excited about UHU photoglue, I agree.

All the things I enjoy doing – and all I’ve been doing for about two years actually – is work to normal human beings. It doesn’t feel like work because I am in my own environment and I get to listen to the music I like, but people find enjoyment in other things and I don’t right now, nor would I say I’m not looking to – but I don’t find anything inviting or captivating about the ways people enjoy themselves nowadays. I’m probably only really complaining about the selection of games available to people with macbooks.

and it’s really my fault for spending my life fantasising about being one of those impoverished artists that made epic work about how tortured it is to be alive. poverty and becoming a good artist are not synonymous. i don’t know why i romanticised that it could be, as a teenager. i undermined the personal fortitude required to cope with this particular texture of carpet, not only to cope but to actually love it.

as far as art goes

it’s nice and healthy to flit from project to project – I don’t know that many motivational teachers will encourage you to divert your attention the way that I do, but Abraham Hicks says that time is not linear and that you don’t really wake up on a time line that syncopates with your legal-birth-date. and not only that, the when you focus time to different projects, when you return to them you have a different perspective to apply to the method

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