I’m in bed on a late Tuesday morning and I’m playing with an illustration in my Brighton Sketchbook on Photoshop.


I’m prepping it for print, so these kinds of colours. I like the idea of this style for a chapter in my graphic novel.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 11.07.26.png

All of my ambitions are things that take people many, many years to achieve.

I was thinking about thirtine and this animal form while i photoshopped. Which makes it a co-creation.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 11.37.13.png

I was listening to an Esther Hicks video – I always learn something new from listening to the same stuff. I like to notice new things about my favourite stuff.

[Edited Wednesday 8th May 2019: to add: the children’s book “The Rainbow Fish”  must’ve inspired this too. I’ve only ever seen it on bookshelves. Apparently it was written by a person called Marcus Pfister. I don’t own a copy.]




I occasionally have moments in which things sort of just sit with me and resonate and this morning it was that we are floating on a stream. The guys in System of a Down said something similar about waterfalls. It’s like – when you play 2D games and you sometimes want to go back and do something – to fix something, like not-bipping your head on the question mark with an extra life in it cos you’ll really need that extra life on your next level. A lot of sega games wouldn’t let you run backwards. The idea of open world exploration is probably, to the thought forms that explore those dimensions, insane.

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