I swear on my life for a moment I thought “children have learned from watching Omar, that they can get out of trouble if they make a scolding adult laugh” – it is eleven at night. As I thought that, a seagull flew past my window. The timing was so perfect. I swear on my life the Bird people are coming. (They’re a totally different kind to angels FYI.)

#avianaut 4 #17

Here aere some bird people in the media.

(Something about a bird person called Avianaut)

Here is me hanging out with a bird. I was thinking of some of my teachers, Professor Germaine Greer, William Buckley Jr. and Esther H-T and Abraham. There is nudity. It is not a sexualised nudity. Sexualised nudity is a performance. I mostly don’t care about nudity – but if you are observed by/sexualised by a person that you are not sexually attracted to, it causes you physical pain. And it probably causes them emotional pain too.

Your favourite erotica stars and pornstars are not interested in their audiences, occasionally they might have an attractive fan or something – if you think you are hot enough to flirt with your favourite ex-suicidegirl/godsgirl/whatever, find them online and try sending a nice message. If they don’t reply, don’t resent them – they don’t want to reply. Do not be offended by or hurt by rejection. Rejection is a normal part of life when you are sharing a Planet with beings that were created to be autonomous. Like animals.

All I know is that the seventeenth soul is a bird-form and that she is VERY rude but that she balances out the rudeness by being genuinely hilarious. Being funny is beautiful and brings a lot of joy into people’s lives, but some people have evolved to be funny and to use it to get out of dangerous situations – it’s a genuine evolutionary path for beings that have typically been victimised. I think the idea of there being a creature that could make her family, friends and teachers laugh so much is incredible but “being funny” isn’t a gift that you should take advantage of, different people have different limits of what they consider is “appropriate behaviour” (not a matter of ‘right’ versus ‘wrong, but really just manners) and you shouldn’t always expect them to bend to what suits you, especially if they are very different to you. We all have a right to express ourselves and we all have a right to be ourselves, but not at the cost of another person’s quality of life.

I’ve noticed that the local seagulls that live around my home copy my laugh sometimes (I will document it one time.) … It sounds ridiculous to type, and actually it is incredibly flattering. I worry that sharing energy with animals that live such different lives to me is unfair to them, because what if they begin to share my insecurities or my values? These are really genuine issues for me. I walked up to my door and there was a seagull standing outside of it and I asked “oh, do you live here too?” and I was being quite playful but the reality is, it’s possible that seagull doesn’t understand why s/he doesn’t have a home like mine. Actually I don’t think they’re stupid at all and it sounds hilarious to write, but possibly it’s also quite offensive. And writing that is probably patronising too. That is how intelligent I think birds must be and it concerns me that our leading animal behaviourists/scientists are autistic men that have never raised anything or otherwise actually empathised with something. The sciences are typically pursued by a personality type that can recall details and information, that adheres to emotionless sensibilities if only for the sake of self preservation and neutrality, the kind of person that probably shouldn’t be left to care for something that might have any kind of emotional capacity. I recall being in a relationship with a psychiatric “nursing” student and at some point I realised – they did also – that I’d of been better at that job.

Do you know why I couldn’t do a job like that? REALLY?

Because first of all – I would empathise with and care so much about the people I was taking care of that it would probably kill me. My spiritual teacher told me, when I wanted to volunteer at a homeless shelter – that I’d end up very depressed because I couldn’t do enough to help. And because no matter how much I’d of wanted to – I couldn’t change these people or these people’s lives. I’d feel like I had failed every time I interacted with one of them. It’d hurt me more than their homelessness hurt them.
Second of all – I couldn’t accurately remember how to label a human body, so I’d struggle with the technical side of the sciences. I got terrible grades with the sciences but that bears no reflection on my potential/ability for them I imagine. I actually prefer the arts.
Third of all – I wouldn’t be inclined to follow procedures.

The doctors and nurses that I met at many points in my life, were people living very weird sexual fantasies and they might’ve thought that those fantasy pursuits were discreet but they weren’t. Even as a child I could say “that doctor is a pervert” and… I wasn’t wrong. I mean, my adult self tells that me “yup”. Laughter is great – at the age of seven or so I was able to laugh that my GP was a “pedophile”. He was an unattractive, stumpy man that used his job to touch women and young girls up. The person in me that familiarised herself with the adult industry would’ve pitied him but also I’m a very staunch feminist and I know far too much and I care far too much for that kind of person to be entrusted with a job like that.
I think that if you want to be a doctor, you really have to mean the oath you’re taking. The psychiatric nurse I was dating was roofying me – will I ever be able to prove it? No. If you heard him talk about his training days at work you’d realise that it was a sexual power game and that he actually enjoyed the power he got over all of these vulnerable people. He didn’t seem to care much towards being ethical but he did seem to want to follow the rules of professional conduct – well those are not good enough. Our scientists are under-evolved and while they might have fantastic qualifications and degrees – that is not good enough. That does not make you a trustworthy, empathetic, considerate, genuine person that can be entrusted with information or autonomy over another person’s well being.

Just because you think you are responsible, and that you are trustworthy – or that you are “professional” – does not mean that you are. And before any of that I value a person who is comfortably themselves. People who aspire to jobs that expect them to be “professional” – teachers, doctors etc – hide themselves. They have to do so. So our most ‘trusted’ members of society are more often than not, living a lie. Ideally a lost child should be able to approach a police man, a doctor or a teacher. I’d like to think you all know better than to teach your children to trust those people and I imagine you know in your heart of hearts that you’d prefer to leave your ‘lost’ child with me – the person you all made such efforts to keep children away from. I can’t be responsible for your poor decisions, that came as a result of a lacking spiritual growth. I say ‘spiritual growth’  but I really do mean the basics “don’t steal”, “don’t lie” (learn as I will have to, to say “that is personal and I’m not prepared nor inclined to share something so personal” – even if some people choose to access your memories, which is very, very wrong.), “don’t covet”. Don’t want for something that someone else has, especially not so much that you can justify causing them harm or interfering in their life. Don’t make those decisions.

There are about fifteen people on this Planet I’d leave a child with – one of those is my older brother, one of those is my auntie Norma etc. I know that some people can see non-physically, and some people can’t. I can’t. I am not in a position to look after people’s kids, and I’m not interested in adopting your kids either. If you want me to babysit – you’ll have to put up a fight because I don’t really want to do that either. You shouldn’t of had kids, many of you – and I support you in asking the School of Economic Science to help you rehome them. (They’ll ask me but they’ll have a good idea based on the physical traits of your kids, as to whom they belong to.)

I know I read on tumblr once that a woman discovered what the atom was made of and that she had never been credited. I know that men who cleave to the sciences are generally very sexist and threatened by academic women, and that the ones who manage to succeed within that are generally either very attractive and prepared to be sexualised – or otherwise women who refuse to be sexualised or objectified so that they can convince themselves of some equal footing with their male colleagues and peers.


First: accept that this is real. It might be ‘weird’ – but it is ‘real’. If I die or disappear it is important that this information is available.

Some time ago I sat in a meditation and I had a thought chat with a spirit called ’17’. It appeared to be quite frightening – using my poor eyesight (that I know I can share with others) and forms in some art/collages I had done – it told me (imagine that I was thinking it to myself) it wanted to have sex with me (it said ‘do the act’) and I said “no.” Then I thought of my teachers – I was actually a little bit creeped out that a spirit could think/speak to me like that – and my teachers thought for me that “we do not allow rape, here”. I thought of a dream I’d had of an old friend who could astrally project, and who had had sex with me non-physically in a dream, which I did not consent to but which I did not feel endangered by (I laughed) and that I’d had a “wet dream” as a result of it. I think that it would be foolish to pretend this spirit didn’t know what she was doing/insinuating. After a period of thought chats the frightening form took the shape of a bird, in and amongst an illustration of three sacred hearts and that face is all I see when I look. Like humans – spirits can appear frightening and harmless. But no human and no spirit is completely frightening nor completely harmless. We have states of being, there is love and there is fear. When we feel fear we become frightening and when we feel love, we radiate it and are receptive to growth. And some people/spirits don’t feel love – and that is because they have not learned to love themselves yet. Really.
This stuff is so under documented that when people prove it is real, it frightens EVERYONE, even if they know it to be true. I have been called a liar, I have been called all sorts of things – but if the teachers that looked after me were to give you my old books, or show you videos of their children doing things that they could ONLY have learned from me (I mean, theres a youtuber I can’t watch anymore – but I managed to help her realise that her daughter had depression and was insecure just from seeing the colour palettes she was using to paint with, and soon after that I thought “she’d be a good mother” and some time after that, she fell pregnant and ended up with a very, VERY blonde child. The youtuber is not blonde. Genetically this baby could not have been hers – it definitely came out of her body – but it isn’t hers. That means that her child is somewhere else, with the wrong parents. I walked through the streets of Copenhagen on my tiptoes… this baby was learning to walk and was also using her tiptoes. I realised that I was babysitting this child remotely. And probably her older sister, too.) you’d realise it is all very, very real. A lot of you can’t raise these kinds of kids – they’re called “ascended masters” by my teacher Lisa. Because you haven’t learned the spiritual lessons you need to learn, you shouldn’t have these children. The seventeenth soul has been invited to incarnate into a body here, and I think there are concerns she will be stolen. I would entrust her only with parents who were highly academic and spiritual but also who were MUCH OLDER. If you have had a chance to understand the “Illuminati” you’ll realise that you sort of swap bodies with people when you exchange even basic conversation. Rude people sometimes do this on purpose, some people invite themselves in anyway – these beings have to be given to older parents because they’re very intelligent. If your child seems perpetually depressed – well .. thats a form of intelligence. Also they might hate the decor in your home or the clothes you’re dressing them in. Not kidding. That ruined my early life – the fact that the lighting in my “ma’s” home was off. At about three years old I was lying on the floor thinking “I AM THE ONLY THING THATS REAL” while I played with my toys. I think so fast that I sounded retarded to my “family” who could apparently hear me telepathically but never bothered telling me.

Your kids might act stupid, and they might be fantastic actors – and thats very dangerous if they aren’t taught to be responsible with the gift. My sibling is a fantastic actor and she is also a compulsive liar that has gotten people into trouble and protected very dangerous criminals because she was bribed to do so.

Or you might think one of your kids is really stupid when actually they sport a very different kind of intelligence.

Perhaps your kids were hoping to be born into a ‘loving’ home with parents who engaged in BDSM and who only ever expressed love through having performative sexual intercourse. Sex has absolutely nothing to do with love, that mentality has deeply damaged men my age – one of which wouldn’t even hang out with me, I recall, because I said (AND I WAS LYING) that I wouldn’t have sex with him if I stayed the night. If the only way you express love is sexually – your kids are copying you. You can pretend they don’t acknowledge that they have genitals or experience sexual energy, they’ll play along if they feel they have to – but it’s a performance.

They really, really need parents that have been around long enough to be able to help them grow beyond teaching them the words “mama” and “dada”. And actually if you’re sexually adventurous and you use those words sexually, I’m pretty sure the kids are gonna rip you apart for making them call you those things.

And yes – the only way to cope with it will be humour. I’m so glad I don’t have kids.

I’ll tell you something terrible. Something that fucks me up. I know at least three guys really hurt Tintin – one blew smoke in his face (his shoulder dislocated shortly after on a skiing trip), one – I think – stuck something inside him (no one’s told me this outloud, I have “a feeling” and it makes me despise that person more that he did that to my dog, than that he arranged for me to be raped and sold me to his weird/creepy friends) and one threw a pebble at him and hit his head. I was so afraid of being alone that I ignored how serious these events were – my judgement was entirely skewed. This me would’ve probably done something quite scary to all of those guys (and that is why they are terrified of talking to me). The reality is that I have lived more life than most people of my age – more life than people many times my age. And I am glad I didn’t have a child because I’d probably be the mother-in-prison if I found out that a ‘trusted friend’ had penetrated Levi because I’d probably have killed him. I know people say that casually, I mean I casually make threats like that – but I really, really would’ve lost it. You know when Ned Flanders loses his mind and goes apeshit? Like that. Like when I really acknowledged what had happened to my sister – I went blank for a LONG time processing it. She thought I “didn’t care”. Lets be realistic, I have ruined the lives of not only the people who raped her – but probably any one that aspired to be a footballer. I have ruined an entire British .. culture?

I am.. not a person to make an enemy of. And keeping me poor really doesn’t change that. And I’d say the same for anyone that had ever been attached to me – like a child. It’s not a protective Bella Swan moment cos gross.. it’s just like a. The only reason I am not a mass murderer is because it’s an inconvenient life choice. That is the truth. I also know that everything is relative and that what is done to me will be done to that person and that it’ll be much worse.

For the first time in my life, I was happy-ish, and then a sibling that I had done my hardest to forget existed (aside of the fact that a lot of my clothes were her unwanted or forgotten ones) wrote to me on facebook to say a mere something along the lines of “i was roofied. i woke up in bed with two men and surrounded by condoms. after one drink”. You know how men take a long time to work out how they feel about something? The things that upset me sit with me for YEARS.

i told a friend called arthur and he replied ‘thats why you don’t watch footballers. thats what guys who like football are like.’

Dr Jane Goodall recently got very upset, I think, because of a chimpanzee going viral for scrolling through social media. I think it upset her because it might’ve misled people to want to socialise these animals, and it has never been done with any kind of success. I watched a documentary about a chimp called Nim, and it broke my heart – because it was an experiment that took place during a time when people were curious about nurture versus nature. I think it was an experiment rooted in the necessity of “parents”. I think we all have many parents and that the teachers we trust are amongst them. And it is no small deal – my “parents” fucking suck. My “sister” and her “friends” have ruined my fucking life. They’re being protected by a society that did the same thing – specifically to me. You stole my rights, you lied, you stole children off me – you can’t handle me so how on EARTH could you handle them? You can’t even manage honesty amongst yourselves, or muster the ability to tell someone that your planet thought it benefitted from a disability that was actually a means of blaming a child that you KNEW could be mind controlled.

This chimp had made sexual advances to the lady that raised him and became really violent towards his family when he realised that he was treated differently to them and that he was not an intended sexual partner to that lady. (Who ought to have kindly rejected his advances, but chose not to because she wanted to encourage him to “comfortably explore the human body”. She made no secret of it. The seventies were a weird time I imagine.) He had been raised as a member of their family as a baby, and as an adult he was treated differently. He was transported from family unit to family unit to LAB – that’d damage a goldfish – so of course it would damage a being that was raised to express itself in terms of ‘human’ emotions.

I wrote awhile ago that I went to the sea and that I was thinking of alien crushes and angel crushes and that the sea-water did what I asked it to… Sort of… (it was very subtle about it) and the fucking bitch COPIED ME (love you – but seriously -) and this seagull walked along the seaside and the waves made obvious efforts not to touch her/hurt her. I wanted to be subtle about it but why on Earth should I bother?

If you look carefully the water creates a little ring around the seagull. DON’T OCCUPY ANIMALS – OR ANYONE. IT’S VERY SWEET AT TIMES IF IT’S WELL MOTIVATED BUT IT’S ALSO VERY, VERY WRONG. And we should accept the fact – and we should also make it illegal and punishable. And people should do time in prison for it. I actually advocate the death penalty in some instances of doing it – a lot of celebrities do it to their fans/people that aren’t even interested in them and it’s got to stop. Just because you are CAPABLE of doing something, does not mean you should. It is a form of rape if it is not consensual.

That is amongst the reasons it is so important to be honest when you incarnate, and when you pick a family. People are mostly not intelligent enough to understand personality compatibility. I mean – even from a personality profiling perspective, introverts lose energy around extroverts and become tired. If you are the person in charge of housing people for Universities, you can’t keep introverts and extroverts living together because the introverts educations will suffer tremendously. They will be tired. Imagine that there could be siblings living together – who ought never have been profiled as being compatible – where one of the siblings was accused of being ‘lazy’ or ‘disabled’ because he was always asleep and his sister was always active – and then realising years later he had lost his life, been interfered with inappropriately by the medical services and all sorts – because his sister/parents had been stealing his energy? It’s not necessarily intentional, but it was certainly the case with my own family – and thats that I was given to unevolved parents who had low empathy capacities and didn’t consider that I wouldn’t of wanted them to ‘remotely’ hang out with me at school or when I was with my friends. And my “family” (- bar Omi (autism, accept it), my auntie Norma and my uncle Carlos -) and myself will never be able to fix what’s been done. I will probably forgive them, because I was given the ability to ‘love unconditionally’ – but realistically it is unhealthy for me to forgive them. I don’t know what Christians are/were thinking, asking for children that were ‘angels’ that could ‘love unconditionally’ – not all angels are very kind, or loving. We are all born with purposes in life that help us contribute to our society’s needs. When you go “shopping” at Tescos, you pick the things that you need – so when, for example, you have a society occupied by police men that were chosen for the roles because they had been disempowered in childhood, society then needs to engineer people who are ethical, honest and intelligent enough to fix the mess and who are capable of being trusted with vulnerable people and who are prepared to live very difficult lives to learn those lessons – and eventually society will have to remedy itself by allowing people to live such painful lives that they will be able to have that responsibility. The adults who have children at this point are not responsible enough to have children, people my own age certainly seem to have given birth to SIBLINGS. When you want children, be careful you are not trying to manifest your ‘best friend’ that doesn’t exist yet, be careful you are not trying to manifest the guy of your dreams (sorry, Levi) or the person that you wish you were. It sounds terrible, but really – when I asked my teacher Lisa “why did she even have children!?” about a mother who really did have children far too young (and only because she ‘wanted a family’ to replace hers, and because I think she must’ve enjoyed the idea of children being a lot of fun – when they rarely are) and my teacher implied (accept that my mother was a VERY uneducated ballerina cum super sheltered eighteen year old that got ‘slung out’ for being a slut in a time when the generation before her own could not tolerate that, especially if they were trying to maintain ‘reputations’.) that she had kids that she dance-mom’d because she wanted to be a dancer and relive her youth. I accept that some people think thats the way that things should be, but if you were living the life you were born to live – you would have absolutely no interest in your children’s private lives. And if you spent your life abusing other people by accessing them in ways it’s not acceptable to do so, your children are going to copy you. Thats what children do.

So.. yes I have a big mouth and I speak about inappropriate things in public, but I’m HONEST. I learned from having an older brother that kids really can cope with you talking about drugs, and ‘fucking’, and all of the stuff your kids act STUPID (I did it too, so they might’ve learned it from me – but I did it because I needed the truth about my family.) so that they can listen in on without you telling them to go away.

I walked through a shop recently when I was thinking of Lucifer, (an angel, in the bible) and there was a little boy ‘acting cute’. I thought to his parent “he’s pretending to be stupid.” and the little boy reeeeally toned down the ‘acting cute’. It is funny – but it’s also not funny. It is dangerous later, when they grow up and start manipulating and abusing people. Take this from a person who was lied to and raped by MORE PEOPLE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE – if you let children get away with these behaviours, or pretend to be living a reality that you’re not – you are sending out monsters. And I am okay with monsters, monsters are all I’ve known, but there are people who aren’t okay with monsters and who don’t have an unhealthy guilt function and who would probably end up killing your kids if they knew what your kids got upto. And truly the only ones to blame are yourselves.

The idea that this Planet thinks it can be responsible over “robots” is preposterous. There are mini “sophia bots” being made for children. If you really think these aren’t going to be children’s sex toys, you haven’t learned your own true natures. And you might be infertile because you are literally not physiologically prepared to have children. Children are technically “infertile”. (They’re not, they’re portals for spirits to enter through – but they are physically. No one’s going to let a three year old give birth. Some beings future-children follow them around years before they have them. That is none of your business, the idea that you could pretend it is your business is terrifying.)

I do think a lot of “parents” deserve it. I also do think that it will be a worser apocalypse than the one described in the Bible. If I am abused and I fall asleep, I wake up – and people have died. The karma is the same – FOR YOU. No, I’m not a mass murderer, but I might as well be.

I think society is stupid to have stolen children from someone/something that was definitely a different species. I think the best babysitter you’ve got is my older brother. I’m sure that must hurt to read if you are amongst the people responsible for what has been of his hell of a life.

There is a video of Penelope Disick exiting a ballet class in a leotard. She comes out and runs back in, covering her bottom because people looking at her – and sexualising it – is physically painful for her. The answer is not to hound every person on the planet asking if they are a “pedophile”. That won’t change the truth. It’s painful. Do you know how you stop that pain? You touch that person where the pain is. AWKWARD ISN’T IT.

And I’m quite sorry to do this to her also.

My brother noticed a woman sitting with a friend, ignoring her child who was crying because it was in pain. I think he touched that child’s back, perhaps it’s ass. The child was in pain and when you do that, you take the pain for yourself. The reality is that he knows that baby was probably stolen from me, or someone connected to me. Or perhaps even him (DARK ISN’T IT.)

I once was working in *sigh* Slug and Lettuce, and a baby was crying hysterically. I made eye contact and sort of smiled with that/at that baby and it immediately stopped crying. Needless to say I lost my job soon after that.

I worked in a cafe after and a little boy told me that sometimes he could see-through his hand. I said that I believed him (I did) and he was so happy about it. I’d been told before hand by my teacher Lisa that there was a new generation of children being born with special abilities – and that they needed teachers who could help them function “normally”, that is – coexist with human beings that didn’t know that these things were possible. I hadn’t considered she might’ve partly been referring to me, too.

She told me about a little girl that she called her “hollybush” – who was the kind of person that could sit with an elderly lady and say “I can see your dead husband standing behind you”. Which is quite rude and probably quite frightening for elderly ladies.

Sectioning me to keep me quiet is one thing – but how on Earth are these infants being treated?

I think if you chose my older “sister” because she has a nice-feminine-voice and does a great performance of being nice and making you think she’d be your friend/that she fancies you (a psychiatrist fell for it in front of me and it was absolutely fucking revolting) – (I don’t know why else you’d pick her) you are stupid as fuck. And your kids are probably your lesson – to tell the truth. And leaving me in a room so that you and they can pretend they’re playing dolls without worrying that I’ll have sex with someone – and not even PAYING me for the energy or the invasion of my privacy – tells me that you need to release these kids to real families. Not me, not the zoellas or the alfies – real families with adults that will not let them get away with doing things like this.

You stole children from a family of people like MINE? I’m half latin american. My mother’s bestfriend is a woman who pissed her dad off one time and had a gun held to her head for doing so. My brother once almost killed my sister playing by a poolside (that – I will take credit for. I’ve visualised it enough.). My sister sold me for parts to her “friends” and then all but prostituted herself to a psychiatrist to make sure she’d protect her friends, who got upset when I got angry that they posted a picture on the internet of them not supporting a baby’s head properly. They stole another child off me – those friends – while I had akathisia – and now that child has akathisia too. A psychiatrist induced himself with akathisia and described the experience as pure torture.

Imagine picturing yourself in certain outfits as a child – and then later seeing one of your sister’s rich friends actually wearing those outfits? Do you have any idea how that could feel? I mean – aside from that your sister might’ve been kept in clothes that were worth THOUSANDS and you weren’t. Probably not. I’m probably expecting too much.

When I realised what was going on I made it very clear that kids that came from me were to go to Saint James. I mean, pretend it’s a storybook okay – you take someone’s kids (which might actually be kids from the future, trying to live two lives at once) cos you decide out of fucking nowhere that you’d be a better parent (when the truth is you’re having children because you’re in a relationship thats gotten boring) and they give you TWO requests – don’t pay ME (and I’d charge A LOT) – make them a bank account and put the money in their account and send them to that school, with teachers I know will tell the truth.  And you don’t listen. So no wonder your kids don’t do what you ask them to.

Animals are personality profiles – they are spirits, but they do not have souls. Nor do vampires or angels, technically. I think that if you can get a single human being right, there’s no need for soul fragmentation – we will all have unique stories and unique ambitions.

I mean, I want to say “really, fucking die” – but life is worse. And I have to accept that. Please stop doing this stuff, because your children will copy you. Your children will do all the things that you did, that you think they don’t know you did to you and to everyone you love. If you want them to stop you have to introduce them to their intended parents, or to people who can teach them love – and that love has nothing to do with genitalia. Which a lot of you haven’t worked out yet and it’s also terrifying.

Awhile ago my teachers said to my sister and her friends – who were stalking me – “Go back to school” and they didn’t follow the advice. I don’t know how you can so blatantly ignore the advice of an academic whose time is so valuable and who had enough children stolen from her – by my “sister” and those friends (I assure you that it will be proven and that honesty is the best way forward.)

I’ve no idea what will become of any of them, I should imagine that their assets are frozen so they stop using their money to stalk me, and that they are supervised by someone to ensure it doesn’t continue. I think that when people are addicted to doing stuff like this that it probably is kinder to kill them off but I would be biased, wouldn’t I.

I’ve no idea why you would ever do something like this to someone, steal kids from them, pretend your kids don’t know what you’ve done and what you continue to do.

If you live ALL of your dreams, even in small increments at a time, you will see how everyone around you evolves too.

ANYWAYYYY. Seventeen. I know you’re funny. But you are too young to be dating anyone in any space or time on our Planet and you need to stop. Please do not mind control people, nor animals. Even if it is well motivated, it is better motivated to find one of my teachers and to tell them to tell me something.

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