If you use Mort Goldman’s voice to read my blog it comes across very differently, and I think some people need to do that for my next post

I enjoy racist stereotypes. But I am allowed to do that. Remember that I am half Arab and half Mexican/Italian and that I have a brother called OMAR MANUEL – and while I personally love the name (We call him Omi) – and that when I was growing up I was called things like “paki” and asked to hide the fact that I am partly Arab. If I am genuinely friends with you – you are allowed to make arab jokes. You’re allowed to make all kinds of jokes if you’re friends with me – even jokes about disability.

You will struggle to find a get-out-of-jail card that I do not have.


But I learned how to “model” watching Tyra so I have to keep my loyalties equal. Like Hermes.

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