Imagine writing this: and it being one of the most important things you’ve done for a society that has genuinely treated you like absolute fucking shit. I can cope with a hard time, I really can – most people can’t. A lot of people would’ve killed themselves if they’d had my life. I’m too lazy. I mean this deserves more explanation but I think if you play League of Legends I’d use Ekko’s ability list and the ‘Guardian Angel’ item to explain and that you’d have to take my word for it.

It’d be selfish to kill myself – and not because anyone cares about me – but because we all have those shitty life purposes and mine is probably being annoying/going viral accidentally.


The fact is that I had an ex of four years who would almost cry every time he engaged with the Job Centre and he was living in a council house in the shittiest part of East London – not the trendy part – and he wasn’t really the kind of person that could easily cry. He and I had an incredible relationship and unfortunately he was damaged because he came from a single home with a mother and father that had both been damaged in their personal lives. He’d seen his mother being beaten up by his father and had a girlfriend that he’d been with prior to me, that people insisted he should’ve been with instead of me – even though she had friends who were in the BNP Youth (The British version of the Hitler youth actually) and who used to call him things like “half breed”. At the time we started dating, a movie came out and I think he didn’t realise that it really was for us. The word half breed is thrown around a lot in the movie. He got a tattoo of it on his forearms, it depicted his favourite comic character John Constantine – who was sometimes portrayed as the uncle of a girl called “Kit” (my nickname) and sometimes portrayed as the boyfriend of a girl called “Kit”.

Like me, he was the sort who would prefer to laugh.

He looks like the guy in this Lady Gaga video. When we broke up I learned a year later that the girl he’d left me for had tried to stab him and attacked him with sharp things. I mean realistically I was probably better for him but I spent a year of my life wanting to be dead because we’d broken up and I’ll never really be the person I was before that and thats the person he’d of wanted to be with.


At the advise of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, I have been asked to annotate a letter documenting a series of mistreatments in my engagements with the Job Centre as an official complaint.

I have reason to believe that the Brighton Job Centre is unable to handle my case professionally, honestly and ethically so I have not addressed this to them.

For your records, please find my account under the following details – [I’m pretending that blocking these out will make a difference as to the fact that everyone knows my business and really ought to be killed and incinerated and or transferred to the bodies of animals with short life spans. Ants are good.]

My Universal Credit account is being mishandled and that my information is being given to and discussed amongst staff I haven’t been properly introduced to and who were not dealing with my account.

I hate to use a crude term but to suggest that I have been ‘gossiped’ about is appropriate.

I know that not one of the individuals I have spoken with at Brighton Job Centre had read my journal prior to speaking with me.

I did confront them about the fact and they did lie, and when asked to repeat statements made in my journal they were unable to do so, even briefly – which confirmed my suspicions.

On three occasions now I have been met with unacceptable treatment from the Job Centre staff and very personal threats have been made, including the threat that my payments would be halted or delayed.

On one occasion the motivation for doing so appeared to be that my ‘job advisor’ was ‘quite eager to meet me’. The tone she applied to the statement was terrifying and I very reasonably verbalised this to her later.

I have been lied about by staff at the Job Centre on two occasions and I’ve received obnoxious, offensive and threatening letters as a result.

On both occasions I was purposely goaded by your staff who seem to be quite accomplished at provoking people who are already upset. It was self defence if I was rude and I assure you that Punita at the Ealing branch (I have moved recently from Ealing to Brighton) can confirm that I was mistreated and that I was a victim of unacceptable rudeness from your staff.

I’m sure that anyone who treated me with respect at the job centre will confirm that their respect was met with that same respect, three fold.

I’d appreciate an apology and for the truth to be added to the inaccurate statements that have already been made about me.

I believe that these people should lose their positions of employment because they cannot be trusted with personal information.

I am so distressed and upset and I’m at a loss for who to communicate to about it.



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