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It true – but let me tell you why – so you don’t use it against me in some years time when my story repeats itself as stories do.

Here is what I believe separates people: their wisdom acquired through experience, their ability to persevere. You can offer me two versions of a soul – two people living simultaneous lives. Perhaps one might be a wealthy white person who had been given everything she has and who had not suffered, aside from perhaps being quite physically unattractive – and the other, a wealthy black person who had been taught to fight for everything she has and who had not suffered but had been raised by a woman who had suffered many lifetimes over – and who was physically attractive. I mean I’d personally ask the black person for advice because without being specific (I am being VERY specific) black people have a history of slavery. We have soul karma – that is a contract our fragment “signed” before incarnating, agreeing to certain life lessons for the sake of soul evolution. Ideally the outcome is that we are met with the soul fragments of our twin flame as a result of learning everything we need to in that assigned physical form. Vampires are removed, I think, from that particular form of karma and many as I understand are uninclined to pursue their twinflames. I mean if their twinflame dies they can wait around for a new version in a new body, but the karma between them will be the same.

We also have familial karma – that is, for example, when a family member of a family we chose to incarnate to (although apparently a lot of stealing goes on) for example chooses to pursue a career in politics and makes a decision that affects billions of people – and for generations over their entire family takes some responsibility for that decision, be it good or bad. For example my Great Grandfather decided to send the Jews – who had post world war 2, almost been wiped out – to a country that carries the evidence of being the oldest historical point that they could call home. Arabs have a lot of money and are quite prone to being manipulative, and envy – and could have housed any of the Palestinians that had to be rehomed (trust me – you have no idea how much money arabs have and nor will you ever – and good for them) and it created issues because the Prophet Mohammed was an anti-semite. THERE IS A REASON HE WAS AN ANTI-SEMITE. But also when you ‘defend’ a person, you take on their karma. So if Jews were being lied about, your family – who defended those Jews – will also be lied about. This is a very basic explanation of a very complicated kind of karma that links people that call one another family.

and we also have genetic karma. A basic example of this is “do you have any diseases in your genes?” “where did you get that fat ass?” “I got it from my mama” etc.
Are you 1% Native American? Well – that is not nothing. You’ll have that sad history in your genes and whats worse is that many Native Americans will say it doesn’t count – well that goes against a spirituality that encourages their people to value their ancestors whether they exist in a physical body or not. (You stroke that 1% lovingly and say “you are significant and I will find out your story” – but maybe don’t if you’re the kind to get fucked up by painful stories)

Suffering is generally how we all evolve.

BDSM enthusiasts will agree – my favourite BDSM enthusiasts are the kind that eventually realise after an interesting story of personal discovery that if you LOVE someone you have absolutely no desire to hurt or subjugate them at ALL. BDSM enthusiasts are very inclined to create a hierarchical dynamic where there is a ‘submissive’ versus a ‘dominant’ and I keep finding that the people that label themselves as ‘dominants’ have a karma of embarrassing themselves. Finding what makes you equal to another person, that might have more – or less – than you is actually much more interesting than working out new ways to cause harm to one another to prove that you love each other ‘unconditionally’. If you love yourself unconditionally first you are wholly uninterested in this sex sport. But it is relevant to the film still above and it is where my head is right now. Academically.

Buddhists will say “that is the only thing we have in common with every being on this Planet”.

I have developed a tolerance to some kinds of suffering in the way that you develop a tolerance to MDMA if you take it too often. And if you are T-total (I used to be) –  to explain the idea of tolerance – when you eat a meal laced with salt, eventually you need more and more to be able to taste it because you do develop a tolerance to it. When you eat a meal with lemon juice, the same applies. You develop a ‘tolerance’ to it. The same applies to abuse also.

The issue for me was that many of you didn’t really know how much I’d suffered my entire life because I learned that showing you are suffering is a form of weakness.

If I were your mothers I’d probably have beaten you up for the stuff you did to me – and maybe because I’ve toilet trained so many of you, I should claim the title – but more importantly thats why I’m prepared to believe that if I have kids somewhere in time and space – they are literally hiding from me, in a spaceship, in space.

I know that before I had ever learned about space or time that I was able to tell a person I thought to be a friend that it was possible for people in the future and people in the past to meet at a synchronised time point in space, having more patience for shitty science books he found a piece of literature that confirmed I was right – although how on earth the scientist could’ve known is beyond me.

If that were the case wouldn’t want to meet them, because I don’t like cowards and I don’t really have that much respect for people that run away either. i mean unless you are literally running from a tyrannysaurus rex or a midgar serpent or something that you know is well within it’s nature and right to kill and eat you? Like a TITAN?

I’d maybe forgive you for running away – in that case.


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