Here is mess and messy feet and the most uninstagram worthy image uploaded to the internet in the last six months.


I love my tear-drop Mary-Jane shoes. I got these years ago in the summer that I lived in 77. If you spend a little bit extra on things that you really love, rather than going cheap – the things last for longer. Thats what I enjoyed about ‘capsule dressing’. As if she really bothered doing that. I like to look different. I don’t like the idea of ever having worn the same outfit twice in my entire life. I don’t go out much so it isn’t difficult.


I just got back from the cornershoppe. I had a lot of fun with a stranger that reminded me of Omi. I know that most people might be offended by the comparison but you can find the people that you think the World of anywhere. They both can make me happylaugh apparently. Like I was in a shitty mood and he did something pretty fucking annoying but I ended up laughing. I assure you that there aren’t many people in the World that can get away with that.
He is my favourite person in the World. Omars always are. There’s Kanye Omari West and theres Tupac Amaru Shakur (I had a Syrian longhaired hamster called TAZ as a child, rabbit in 77 that I called “Carlton Tupac Shakur” and my housemate Arther changed it to “Walter”, which I think the rabbit felt suited him better. Walter is a Walt Disney, a character in Silent Hill 4 and a guy who babysat me and taught me about animation. He joined the Navy after going to Art School.
About a year later I met someone that I ended up resenting a lot but who made me laugh before that, and he told me that he’d had a rabbit called Biggie Smalls. Before that, I used to call Tintin “Mr Biggles”. I also call Tintin @El_Tintino 

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 21.28.08.png

I’m watching Walking with Dinosaurs on Netflix to cheer myself up. Please ignore the caption. I know that the things I post on the internet have a way of turning out pretty meta and I know that there will be people who will “thats what she said” the caption and I can’t blame you for it but this… this is about the chihuahuapods.

These are little sauropodlets. They aren’t real sauropods.
I think that they must be genetically very similar to chihuahuas.
Sauropods grew to be the very biggest dinosaurs that have ever walked on the earth and I like to think that of my chihuahua friends.

They both make me happy. Digital Sauropods and Chihuahuas. I’d like to have a dinosaur tamagotchi when virtual reality is a thing that people dedicate their homes to. I’d like for my chihuahuas to have little virtual reality helmets so that they can go on virtual reality adventures with me.

I had a thought chat with Omi earlier. I think Hope tried to make me laugh earlier and actually did so with great success. I wish someone could animate what he showed me. I had my eyes closed and saw something in static. Omi saw the vision too, and thought-told me that he laugh-snorted-out his meal. I’m sure he looked very sane. Hope might be the most hilarious being on this Planet right now.  I am aware that there are people who lie a lot and are jealous so I recommend you watching Sheila Gilette videos – she works with a group of arch angels that call themselves Theo. When I say “thought chat” that is not to imply I audibly heard anything, but I thought the chat with Omi as if it were my own thoughts I were thinking and I know whenever I see him next I will mention it and he will confirm it. Omi if you see this – don’t discuss it with your dishonest NHS staff. Don’t take up the invitation to be honest. But if they ask if you’re experiencing anything ‘unusual’, do ask “no, are you?” And if they say “no” – they are lying and they’ll shortly lose their licenses to practice. I promise you. Don’t say it but know.

I’ve started just explaining my stupid bowel condition and I can literally FEEL the satisfaction people have when I am forced to do so. It is a bigger thing, than me, that I’ve had this condition and that I am explaining it to people. A lot of people have disabilities that they didn’t know were disabilities, that made and make their lives very difficult. They can’t do the things that they’d like to do and they get called all sorts of names by people who don’t share those difficulties.

I also know that a lot of people are starting to have my condition now and I don’t pity any of you but also that satisfaction you’re feeling really won’t last long. I’m glad that I could toilet train you so you won’t suffer the same way that I did as an infant.

I know that people can choose to access me in a way I wouldn’t like them to and earlier in a thought meditation I was encouraged to see that choice people make as a means of helping them to relate to Adam and Eve – there’s this temptation that you get with freedom of choice. This awareness that you need to – at some point – learn that just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.
You can do it, no one’s going to stop you – but once you’ve done it there’s no going back and you’ll pay for it. There are people I’d have consented to doing that, the chances of you being amongst them are… slim. I support the death penalty. I know that we pay karmically for everything that we do, but some people adjust to their karmic struggles and frankly it’s not enough. I don’t want people to have to drop their life’s dreams to become ‘police men’, there are few crimes that I truly think deserve that level of punishment  – being touched by a police person. I’d prefer that people were executed. If you are wondering if I mean you, I probably do.

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