Various residents and business owners in Brighton are engaging in weird bullying victimisation to women and I’m unsure as to how to successfully and subtly explain that they are to no small extent invading my personal privacy.

You have a lot of celebrities who have been given more money than they have been taught to be responsible for. Most people have no idea how to be responsible with money – and “saving” is not what I consider responsible.

I think the police need to be investigated – by the military – for their abuses to people’s personal privacy. I did annotate a lengthy address to yourselves regarding how much access they have to citizen information and that they do employ a variety of strategies to both select victims and criminals in childhood and that they are a crime syndicate of their own that financially benefits from said crimes – particularly drug related crime – through selecting candidates that will ensure that the money comes back to them.

And when there have been appropriate investigations that I assure will only confirm the outrageous truth – the military will need to be investigated also, because they will probably have been seduced by the possibility of all the things people can get away with when they think that there will be no consequence. I know that our princes have a lot to be accountable for and that they themselves are protected by the idea that they are above the law when in truth, they’re not at all. Having both engaged with the military they ought to be investigated also – I assure you that you will find that they have had many engagements with illegal and unacceptable activity, including modern slavery.

I don’t know who it would be correct to suggest that we need to find people who can be above the military to -(operating a gun, flying a plane and operating a ship – and basic PGL athleticism and an agreeableness to shoot innocent people are not the extent of the requirements that we should seek citizens to meet in order to feel “protected” by them when they “train” overseas and otherwise render our female cadets into states of absolute fear to sleep or drink because they might be targeted for unconscious sexual activity) and whose consciences are unquestionable.

Did I mention that I am in support of the death penalty? I am.
I have a lot of notes about Templar uniforms that I am quite prepared to contribute. I can also suggest a lot of people who would be interested in being a Templar, who have had a spiritual education and who are academics and who are athletic too. Do contact the School of Economic Science.

I’m quite certain that there are people who are investing financially in making it unpleasant for me to go out – I think it would be quite nice if you could send a request to all the local shop keepers and restauranteurs – detailing the legalities of running a service or business (I’ve been fortunate enough to learn that there are) with very particular attention to suggestions for how to treat people when they engage with your service or shop – and also perhaps offer some training to people who have been improperly raised or schooled as to correct manners in the professional workplace, even in the absence of a superior. Training new people or otherwise finding new employees to learn to trust all over again must be quite painful for independent shop keepers.

I do think that there should be a qualification in British manners – as not everyone can afford finishing school but would most certainly benefit from being taught how to behave like a civilised person. I’m not suggesting that we all start pretending to be aristocracy, but there is a difference in having manners and being appropriate socially and being a pleb. And I have met various members of the upper middle class who are worser yobs than the alcoholic punks that used to frequent Camden so it isn’t a “class” attack either.

I know that a lot of British people like to move abroad and that they make a spectacle of themselves in doing so.
I know that many foreigners come here and embarrass themselves too – but there’s a lot of power in assuming responsibility for that, that is, the suggestion that we might be responsible for making foreigners believe that acting like that here is okay because our citizens definitely go and do it in their countries. I avoid the news and I was made aware that we rather insulted Switzerland (I know, I’m leaving it there) by defacing IKEA. For example. I’m quite sure that many of the individuals that did so have numerous belongings furnishing their homes with items from IKEA, who kindly provide furniture that the many single mothers in our country assemble and move around their homes with minimal difficulty. And it’s that kind of unforgivable consideration that I find lacking in many British people who think they have any business in running this country, actually.

We can’t trust any of our football fans not to embarrass us when they go to matches in other countries and the entire industry serves as a complete diplomatic nightmare. The fact that football is so submerged in British culture really only goes to show how underevolved we are. Intelligent, sensitive, creative people, people who use their minds to design or think or pursue higher thought don’t seem to be all that interested in football and there is probably some reasoning that deserves exploration there.

We can’t even trust British footballers with female British passport holders – I’m sure you’re not unaware that amongst their hobbies is roofying women and then practising group sex with their unconscious bodies? Our society teaches young boys that it is acceptable to aspire to be like that, and the impact of doing so has affected so many generations (rape does – by the way – affect many, many generations of women. Even if it goes undiscussed, once the damage is done – children are never unaware that something of that nature has happened and their interactions with the world are further affected.) that at present, the social impact of the repercussions of rape culture is untold. There has always been marital rape, but a society that endorses the celebrity worship and iconography of men who have dedicated every braincell they possess towards “winning” or “losing” a game in which they kick a ball across a field – and their wives/girlfriends – is the most sorry state of our times. If you look at ancient cultures in which football did NOT exist – they were prolific artists that built monuments that neither todays artists nor todays architects nor todays scientists can explain. The best we’ve got is the Millenium Dome? The olympics logo which cost our tax payers a lot of money, too. And the Harry Potter books, so we can thank J.K Rowling that at least the hoards of children that these men breed have something to read when they’re not doing whatever else it is that they like to do. Because they’re not being taught how to read or speak English properly by their parents – the ‘famous’ footballers that have children are men who were taken out of school in their teens and have no qualifications to speak of. They are chosen to have that much money because the companies do adequate research to ensure that they won’t use that money to acquire power – those footballers end up infiltrating social groups of women whose family have some power – raping them or otherwise learning about ‘power’ – the only thing they were ever wanted for was their ability to kick a ball – pretending that they have any business running the country or even investing in businesses that this country relies on – because they learned that a social banter about politics in which they repeat opinions that they were fed by the media (that their employers invest in) can massage their ego better than winning a football game.

There are so many people who do not have jobs, who would never abuse the opportunity therein by abusing someone who wanted to invest in their business. And who are kept poor because the government rather like to pretend that this country is struggling financially when the truth is that it isn’t.
At all. People running local businesses and the shop-keeper economy is struggling because people are prefer to buy things online. At this point I can’t determine whether this is a good thing entirely or a bad thing – I think that there are some establishments that deserve to have physical shops, that make going out exciting for residents and tourists. I don’t think the majority of shops I’ve visited in Brighton are that exciting.

If we were struggling financially – there is no way in HELL that we would’ve considered Brexit. If this dishonesty towards a struggling economy has been some attempt to make ourselves independent I think it is poorly considered and I further pity our PM for being so stupid as to engage or make public speeches that discredit her and perhaps any woman at all from being prime minister again.

If we have a prime minister who feels it acceptable not to teach young women to smack away an uninvited hand perhaps we need to hire some pornstars and prostitutes who know the value of skin to skin contact to fix the country. It’s an act of war, that hand touch.

Lots of love,

Anna Karina

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