I accidentally transported one of those misery books about people that were tortured and i’m thinking of doing a dramatic reading of it with a directors commentary on the bits that I found personally insulting

Inspired by this

“she was never toilet trained”, “doctors said she’d never live a normal life again”

first of all – thank your lucky stars i wasnt toilet trained because it meant i could teach an entire planet/universe how to take a shit

second of all – if a person KNOWS they’re being watched and you’re keeping them poor, telling them lies and planning all of your conversational interaction – AND they’re an INTROVERT – you are stealing their energy, making them feel WATCHED and making them lose faith in your shitty species that still hasn’t thanked her PROFUSELY for teaching them that they don’t need to take a reading book or a magazine into the toilet.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 16.37.59.png

I kept being told I didn’t look like my photos by people I wouldn’t of accepted money to date

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