Moo doesn’t though. They are selling high quality printables.


Really, I’m at a place where i cringe at a company that forgets what it’s selling and starts overcharging for printing services.

Paper – sure, sure, it came from trees. Those sure do take a long time to grow. Have you considered the benefits of hemp paper? It is a superior paper. It takes about two months, sometimes three, to grow. It is beneficial to the soil in a way that soy plants and whatever else we like to pretend that cows enjoy eating aren’t. (I saw it on the McDonalds game.)

Or is it reed you had imported from the Nile bank?

Did an ancient Egyptian treat it? Did you use a manual handpress to get that embossed/debossed effect? Did your technicians study book and paper arts under great almost-dead art masters? I’m just wondering EXACTLY how qualified the person operating the computer and the stapler is for that £50 colouring book I had printed ages ago was.

This is just a suggestion but if you expend more thought towards the commodities that are printed on paper, “your” children might actually start reading and writing more. Keep ’em, we’re bringing in the purple haired/blue haired etc ones now that you’re all children’ed out. Not really – they deserve better parents. Wealth is useless if you have no imagination to accompany it and the economy truly suffers when wealthy people let all their money fester in bank accounts.

Let me know if you need me to find one and I’ll put them onto parents that speak ancient languages/speak to angels/can read, write and think good.

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