meet my precious


I know how to dress you.
You think you can get through life without me picking your outfits?
You’re mistaken.


Painfully mistaken.

I’m going to create a collection of reclaimed denim jackets. Oh it’ll take me years to not sell the crap you get when you spend a month – or even twelve – of your life ‘designing’ clothes for a “collection”. We are the most wasteful species in the Universe. I am so glad I wasn’t photographed in the clothes I was paid for, when I was at University. It means I can rewear them properly.

First of all: it takes serious levels of confidence and immunity to potential-embarrassment that most of you just-don’t-have, to wear garments. It takes embarrassing subcultural phases, thinking you look good when you look absolutely rotten – to appreciate actually looking decent. 


This is for a person. A specific person.

You need me to dress like Levi and not look like a renaissance goth.
Which is – legitimately – the worst fucking kind of goth. And I LOVE goths.

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