Pretending not to be royalty*


Weird how ma looks like Zoella here. (Does anyone still know who she is??)
This is how she started dressing after she met “the Queen of England”.


This is Grandpa. and my ma. Before meeting the “Queen of England”. If you met him at this time, you’d of had to call him “your excellency”.


This was my ma’s outfit before her first introduction to “the Queen of England”. She is I think about fifteen here. That is my granma Conchita. An orphan who was adopted by someone, who was sent to boarding school in Texas, who went to finishing school (the “Queen of England” didn’t even go to finishing school) and who married the son of one of the greatest Judges that has ever existed. He was the head of the U.N.

He’s probably still alive. Doctor Juan Leon Mallorquin, where u at

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