I’ve had a productive Sunday. It’s only twenty minutes to four and I’ve had a breakfast of bacon wrapped spring onions, lightly baked rocket and humous and an egg, tidied my kitchen area a little, written a review for a local restaurant and I’ve made mint chocolate chip flavoured icecubes with edible gold, raspberries and chocolate chips. They’re sitting in my freezer.


I bought this syrup from TK MAXX. I’m thinking to put them in iced coffees laced with vodka or gin. Every time I buy a drink, never something made with a high percentage of alcohol – as I’m not much of a drinker (there’s often more alcohol in a mince pie than there is in the kind of drink I enjoy), I notice that they never have anything fun to garnish the drink with. Never sliced cucumber, skinned grapes, never raspberries, never gold foil to lightly place on the top, never any mint or strawberries. How boring.


My plants are sunbathing.


I was going to apologise for the fact that these photos have been taken with a phone camera. Do you ever stop and think “My PHONE has a CAMERA attached to it?” Do you have any idea what it’s like to look through old photographs and remember how things used to be? Are you grateful for the technology of your time? Are you grateful for the availability of fucking everything? That you dont have to go to a single shop to buy something – imagine people from a time past whose homes were decorated by a single shop for everything. Everyone would have had the same thing. The same plants. The same groceries.

Hey, I’ve complained about so much – but you’ve no idea of how much I’m grateful for. More than anything I am grateful to have left behind what became the worst of my memories – worse than an abusive childhood with a family I didn’t choose for myself, abusive friends that I did choose. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. You’re DONE.

Now: ofcourse this will need to be developed but here is a recipe for a HAPPY HIPPO HOTCHOCOLATE.

7 spoonfuls of powdered milk (I used a teaspoon)
2 spoonfuls of hot chocolate
hot water (I’d of preferred a fancy rosewater because I rarely drink hot drinks)
and a happy hippo. It’s as though they were made for swimming in hot drinks, and they take awhile to melt too.


I’m thinking whipped cream with sprinkles, or at least those Jumbo Dr Oetker chocolate chips. Or shavings of cooking chocolate – which takes more time to melt than the usual varieties. Which is perfect for hot drinks.

Now – I’m going to meditate and nap and then I’m going to tidy up.. fifty or so things to drop off at a charity shoppe tomorrow.

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