I had two steroid bloated beefcakes helping me move yesterday.

I know they’ll read this so I’ll make it clear.


This was a midnight snack. It contains – a little pasta – and four chicken breasts. I ate it for breakfast the next day. Have you seen my body? I post it on the internet enough.

Here I am – unedited. I can eat like one of those burly farmers. I mean if you put a huge steak in front of me and a very hungry body builder I’d eat it much faster than they could. I do not have much muscle, I don’t exercise. My body is mostly fat – which on a good day I quite like on myself.


If you are a chunky guy with ‘big muscles’ that eats less than I do – and I KNOW you do –

(don’t EVER fucking lie to me – no one can take a shit like I can, thats why people avoid eating like I do. I mean I can take a shit that weighs more than your brain and your skull. The inconvenience therein isn’t the pain – my asshole is so used to it I don’t even get haemorrhoids – it’s occasionally blocking a toilet and the slight sting of the occasional anal tear. It’s okay – I wipe with either hot water and/or dettol.)

grunting, huffing and panting while lifting boxes that contain a few garments and a sofa between you and another equally cow-sized human male showing off muscles you didn’t work for – is ACTING. It’s a PERFORMANCE. It’s EMBARRASSING.

This is Jackie Chan. I’d be embarrassed if you didn’t know who Jackie Chan is. This is a photo too not far off a period where he trained in a school that fed him a diet of a ball of rice and very little meat. He trained … well the stuff white people do in gyms is not training.


Google Reference

Your “muscles” are INJECTED VANITY and FAT. Lifting and carrying stuff all day – consuming “PROTEIN SHAKES” – will never give you the muscles you pretend to have – I have muscle but I have never trained the muscles I need to do this. I could carry one of those pole dancers but I still couldn’t pole dance. You don’t just lift and carry stuff and develop muscles like that – EVEN if you can inhale a few of those man-sized double cheese burgers from burger king like I can.

An olympic runner will confirm. I heard them name drop a “Bruce” – was that a Bruce Lee or a Bruce Jenner? Both are me in other bodies. If I don’t kick you in the dick it’s only out of pity and because I know you’ll either cry and make me feel guilty for it or call the police.


Here is a training scene I’ve never seen before, with Bruce Lee.

Isn’t it WeeEeeeeEEEEeeEIRD how we kind of do the same thing?

I do not exercise but if I did – I still wouldn’t have the muscles those men have because they trained with masters. And I wouldn’t want them anyway.

Also… Bearded Bros Removals – you stole a lot of things from me. It’s okay, you aren’t the first people to do so. I’ve had celebrities steal from me. I’ve had all sorts of people far wealthier than I am, steal from me. Here are the consistencies – it takes time, but their lives slowly get reEeEeally fucking unbearable. They stop wanting to go out unless they’re with “friends”. The terrible stuff that happened to me as a child starts happening to them and they think they can cope with it – with all of their money, but actually you’ve no idea of how terrible it was. Being a child who never got anything she wanted is one thing – being an adult who never gets what they want is probably a whole other thing.

Stealing is a risk, collecting debts is a FAVOUR. You stole from me and you will pay for it. I don’t mean the company that introduced you to me, who will pay out of insurance for items that came from places like Syria (A war zone) – that doesn’t cover whats happened. I mean you will really really pay for it.

Just because the celebrities etc that stole from me (who do read my blog by the way, hi!) don’t go around telling people how much has been stolen from them, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. “STEAL AT YOUR OWN RISK”

If you’re into the game and you stole from me – you are fucked. As in you cannot reenter the game, you will meet the most terrible kinds of people (the abusive, sociopathic, compulsively lying kind of people that I grew up with and learned to make excuses for and to love unconditionally because I thought that was all a very normal family life) and you won’t be able to leave them because people in the streets will spit at you when you’re on dates. That kind of thing. You’ll be in relationships that last for far too long, you’ll want to pull your hair out you’ll hate the person you’re with that much but you won’t be able to because you’ll fear being alone that much. It takes yeeears of abuse for a human being to learn to comfortably be alone. It takes almost dying in hospitals a few times to learn that they’re not good places to visit. And I don’t know how I know this – but psychiatric hospitals are much worse than prison. Maybe because in a psychiatric hospital you can wake up late at night in one of those sedative stupors – as you’re being dragged through a hallway by one of the nurses, screaming that someone is raping you – and it’s perfectly normal to everyone else they’ve arranged to be in there for you to scream like that.

It’s not a warning nor is it a threat, it’s just that consistent. When I’m over being robbed I’ll be over it – and long after I forgive you it’ll still be happening. Meditation won’t save you – art of manifestation won’t save you – people rarely know the right thing to ask for in those meditations.

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