Two posts in a day. I’m proud.

I sound sarcastic occasionally when in actuality, I’m only sincere. When I attempt sarcasm it’s usually quite awkward.  Here’s my flat. I live alone. I am great at living with other people but I prefer to live alone. I’m healthier that way.


I am the kind of person to really enjoy revisiting the past through blog posts. The kind of person to love documenting her bedrooms because I go through them so fast.


The local butcher told me that his shoppe had been open for a hundred years – and when I sought to pay for the sausages using my bank card he very kindly gifted them to me as he didn’t accept payments from those. That traditional.


I returned the favour by gifting him a scented candle from a local bookshop the next day, accompanied by a thankyou note. I suppose I ought to remind myself to write to him regarding what I thought about his produce.

The sausages actually took minimal preparation – I popped them into a tinfoil case coated in lemon, and after about twenty minutes in the oven I added a capful of olive oil.

The dish on the side took much more preparation, I used raw chopped spinach, sliced garlic, sliced lemon from the local organic health food store, mozzarella cheese from Tescos, and goats cheese from a local pop up farmer’s market, sliced chilli from Tescos, Shiitake mushrooms and Oyster mushrooms coated in truffle oil and double cream – also from the local pop up farmer’s market.

It’s the first proper meal I’ve prepared myself while I’ve been here – it was delicious.


I get that the rings look like wedding rings – they cost like, maybe less than a tenner and frankly I’d rather kill myself than marry someone – unless I was trying to get revenge on them for date raping me or something.

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