I'm sleeping in a bunk bed. 


It most certainly has been a life long
dream of mine to sleep in one of these. There's even space beneath
for a fort. I am an architectural fort building expert. I have 
nothing to verify the assertion but I'll get there. 

My experience is years upon years of trying to build pretty 
neighbourhoods, farms and temples in Age of Empires without attacking
the unreasonably hostile neighbours that I'd much prefer to ally with
(if only because if you start playing the war game on A.O.E your
well trained battalions end up dropping like flies because the 
in game A.I is *very* competitive) apparently the A.I gets quite 
bored if it can't create arguments and that's how I regard the 
simulation that is Planet Earth. 

(It isn't a simulation, that word really does undermine the notion of
sentience but when people start acting thoughtlessly I suppose it's
quite easy to regard them as robotic programs, especially when 
the only conversational exchange has been "Good Afternoon" or "hello"
and if it were a simulation we'd be much more evolved right now.)

I base that assertion on how fast the A.I in every game ever levels
up. If this were a simulation we would be more energy efficient, 
MUCH more creative, more intelligent and otherwise just... better.

We'd be more appreciative of intelligence and we'd probably be 
less capitalistic and much more altruistic and much more inclined
to base the merit of mortality upon achievements that were rooted in
academia, the pursuit of knowledge, the idea that 'love' doesn't 
really require the use of one's genitals at all etc. That just because
we can 'reproduce' doesn't mean we have to en masse when there are
lots of children who don't have parents because we think that we
have genes that are worth perpetuating, even though we ALL know that
children's worst fucking nightmares are looking like their parents.

Even if their parents are hot.
Wonderful graffiti, depicting a hidden Kali with a necklace of
victims whose names she does not know. 
She has subdued a bae and he doesn't mind. 
And he keeps his eyes closed cos no one - LITERALLY FUCKING NO ONE -
looks good from that angle.

How polite. Look at him with his eyes closed.

Also there is a casual star of David amongst her bae's feet cos I
imagine that he redirects his sexual energy to higher places and 
really no one can complain about that. 

How feminine.

Homer being a gentleman.
The video above is a compilation of Homer Simpson daydreaming
uploaded by youtube user @Tree
I invested in some local art from The Vintage Work Shop and I'm
so glad I did, I learned a little bit about the art community in
Brighton by having a chance to see what the locals like - and it's 
encouraged me to want to contribute art works.

I also learned from the lady running Pardon My French, that people in
Brighton quite like Seaside related art - and that it's possible to
go swimming in the sea locally. 

I really like the locals in Brighton (some of them have terrible
manners and make me uncomfortable but I am too lazy to expend any
energy into trying to work out how someone could desire to be so 
passive aggressive towards someone who is spending money in their 
shoppe) (it wasn't her shoppe but I'll pretend it was)

Investing in the micro-economies of small towns by trying to buy 
small things is really important for the cultivation and preservation
of those town's identities. It's also a lot of fun to learn about
the locals. I feel like the protagonist in Harvest Moon except it
would be weird to start documenting their birthdays so that I could
bring them all gifts. Probably. Also they're both much wealthier and
a lot less tacky than I am.
The illustration is a piece by an artist called Harriet Butler, and 
the postcard & hand sculpture are pieces by Seiko Kato.






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