I didn’t go out. I could’ve, but I decided against it. I remembered a reading where I was strongly advised ‘don’t go’ – ‘but you will get an apology – and you will get your cash’. I fucking hope so.

Any the who, I strongly recommend Tescos Sushi Rice.


When I worked at Kiara’s Cake and Coffee Shoppe – (I knowww, shoppe spelt with a ‘ppe’ – and there was a library) I last remembered this moment while I was cooking a stew for the first time, days ago – that there were some ladies who worked for an academic literature publishers, (who had a chat with me about the cafe and together we arrived at the idea that the cafe would’ve benefitted from a book club.) and one of those ladies told me about how when she was growing up – there was no such thing as an ‘off’ vegetable – she said that when her mother was making a stew/curry, that even if she found a vegetable that was slightly out of date she’d pick it up, wash it and throw it in the pot. I think about her so often you have no idea.

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