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Play this, put it on a loop. Then read. I’m inviting you to: not demanding you to.

People have often tried to invite me to discuss politics. I cannot – and that is because a political system that does not consider my personal needs is irrelevant to me. If you wanted me to try and explain my political leanings, the truth is that my behaviours and conduct from childhood would suggest that my true nature is inclined towards communism and socialism. My true nature – that is, the behaviour I have exhibited towards those that have known me personally – is inclined towards sharing, generosity, respect for people’s right to a place to consider a home, the pursuit of a conflict free life, good health, autonomy and liberty, the right to constantly pursue an education in all it’s forms regardless of my age or my status or economic background, freedom of speech (and that’s a struggle in my own home, and that means that society is worse.)

I believe wholeheartedly in redefining concepts such as ‘religion’ and ‘family’ and therefore ‘society’, because these concepts as they are presently understood have stagnated and remained the same since the Victorian ages – because quite frankly we have had no spiritual masters acknowledged as Jesus Christ was since the Prophet Mohammed, Ghandi and the like. In front of witnesses I put my hand through a burning flame and I was not affected by it, and yet I have not been granted status as the Pope – yes its laughable but actually it’s entirely unacceptable. The truth is that we exist in a misogynist society. We exist in a society of men who hate women – and I DO NOT BLAME YOU. Women have had to become all sorts of vile in order to get anywhere.

The most highly educated members of society, and let us not lie to one another – the alumni of first league Universities such as Kings College, Oxford, Cambridge and – maybe – depending on what you study, UCL – are regurgitating information they study from books that have been authored mostly by men, their lecturers and people that I’d say know nothing about the struggles nor the strengths of my generation. And it is forgotten that my generation will be determining how the elderly are treated in years to come – but that behaviour stems from what we learn of our parents. Many of today’s parents are unfit for the job, because they put on a performance in front of their children – and I resent that entirely.

You cannot teach your children to be honest if they grow up in a home where certain words and certain behaviours are censored or hidden from them. I felt conscious of the fact that I was having a rather candid conversation with an old acquaintance, I knew that there were many children pretending not to listen to me say things like “Oh- I was stalked to University because I was so insecure I had no idea that people were actually interested in the things I was writing online ten years ago,” or “my boyfriend cheated on me with all of my old friends” – but when it comes to creating trust, I assure you – if you are not prepared to be entirely yourself, you will not invite the trust of people of my generation if they truly have a mind of their own – and certainly not the future generations. An academic system that involves teaching methods I know enough about and yet still too little about is not preparing the correct people to lead society – they’re preparing students that repeat the mistakes of their mostly failed predecessors. They’re preparing students who – through getting good enough marks to be employed, are then submissive and therefore not acceptable leaders. Listening to teachers you have chosen is important, but also so is being prepared to challenge them academically – that is through debate and discussion, which should result in growth for all participants.

If certain conversations make you uncomfortable, how can you be a leader that can sit amongst women who have been raped in NHS hospitals or stalked by NHS staff who abused positions of trust, or women who were made sexual slaves of in our licensed brothels – and actually serve them?

I don’t believe Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, but I do believe that she’d never have wanted to change anyone’s opinion of her as such, because prostitutes are women, human beings and even spiritual masters sometimes. Some prostitutes are terrible people who abuse men into a form of slavery – not everyone that we share a Planet with has to be a ‘good’ person. That doesn’t mean that people in positions of authority in society should remove themselves of their responsibility to serve an otherwise law abiding (or even unabiding, some laws are broken with justification – laws that today’s civilians would NOT agree to if they had been properly EDUCATED) civilian to whom they ought to have been sworn to protect and prepared therefore to do so at the cost of their life.

My philosophy teacher was threatened deeply by my choice to read the given texts and create my own opinions. I did not care about getting good results, I cared about reading and then coming to my own conclusions and opinions – and no teacher can decide whether your opinion is valid or not, because that gives them too much significance. If you need your opinions validated by someone ‘more highly educated’ than you are, as opposed to more EXPERIENCED than you are – and not many people have been prepared to determine that – then leadership is not yet your forte.

So – in truth I don’t care at all for the notion of “society”: when I have learned first had that society ignores the individual. I believe in a spiritual education when there are students who are not being given a proper one at home – that is not to say I want us all to follow any kind of dogmatic or structured faith, but likewise I believe someone who has been properly educated will be able to comfortably have studied all dogmatic faith and will be able to take from that education values, the foundations of what it means to be ethical (Not “GOOD” but ETHICAL. Not even necessarily kind, but DECENT.)

The most important thing we can learn from being forced to engage with an educational system, is to LISTEN. To respect EVERYONE’S voice. How on Earth can a community that only listens to the “well educated” or “wealthy” (both of those concepts are redundant to me – they have to be.) be serving those who are not wealthy, or not well educated?

If a political candidate wants my support, they will be prepared to ignore the status quo – they will create their own structure of societal flaws and propose appropriate amendments.

A society that is not built of individuals whose needs are served with full consideration for their unequivocal right to a status as an individual before they are a member of ‘society’. That means that if an individual wants to speak in the House of Commons – they should be able to do so. The prospect should not frighten anyone at all.

Housing. Everyone deserves a home. A room. Somewhere. That is theirs, accessible only to them – and without question.

Children should be assigned bank accounts upon birth, with annual funds to do with as they wish – given them by the state – regardless of their family’s financial status.

Monitored professionals should be assigned to families – who may choose to accept their assistance or not. That is, cleaners, babysitters, personal academic tutors – who do their job and leave, without taking notes.

Opportunities – that is, not only paid employment – but for every industry to offer work experience tailored to anyone that wants to learn or explore a new avenue in life. It should be possible for anyone to be able to apply for a government funded enterprise or entity to be able to gain work experience for a minimum of a day – shadowing an industry professional.

For the prison systems to offer an education to all prisoners. That includes qualifications of all kinds.

An Education system that prepares even the proletariat for positions of leadership, and prepares the wealthy to be able to work menial labour.

For all people who live as celebrities to accept that their lives are no longer private. If you do not want to be visible at all times, celebrity is not for you. And to make you think so is a lie. The nature of high visibility should be accepted.

I don’t want clinics to test men’s sperm samples and then sell the good looking one’s on, you know? I don’t want clinics to steal women’s aborted fetuses and then sell them on either.

For ALL people who experience pain to have access to cannabis. And for the cannabis to be grown in legal, independent – properly observed farms that can be accessed by the public. So that they can also dialogue with the vendors and the farmers and be educated.

For all people to be able to legally grow cannabis within their own homes.

For the NHS to employ both spiritual masters – yes, healers, homeopaths and the like – to work alongside medical professionals, in hospitals. For religious practitioners to work in hospitals, that respect spiritual values of civilians, including not having the need for unnecessary physical contact.

For people residing within Psychiatric wards to under any section act that removes them of their autonomy to AGREE to be filmed, to be informed that they are being filmed in detail – and to be given any footage depicting them later for legal purposes and their own personal records.

For rape victims to be given full access to any details of findings relating to the exams performed on them.

For people to be given the liberty to truly speak and act freely, without fear of being considered insane, unstable or mentally unfit.

For plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery to be available on the NHS, with appropriate consideration for our proportions, the damage that insecurity inflicts upon the psyche,

For the cultivation of fast fashion – fast anything – to be made illegal. It will benefit the economy for our artists to be given work, for factories that waste natural resources making garments to be closed down or otherwise downsized.

For places of employment to be forced to inform ALL job applicants when they have been observing their online social media. And to be given full explanations as to why they were invited for an interview, and for the employer to then in turn specify why they were not selected for the position. The selected applicant should be visible to all applicants alongside the reason that they were selected.

University coursework should be marked by external examiners.

Sex workers should not be taxed. Sex workers pay taxes for everything they buy, their homes, their bills etc. They should not then be taxed for a job that invites such a high risk to their personal safety.

For people earning under a certain bracket to be able to offer services to the state in stead of

People who engage with the NHS by offering personal information pertaining to mental health – or any young science of that nature – should be PAID, as their contributions are still research.

For all civilians over thirty who have achieved an education funded by the government to annually contribute a societal service in some way that acknowledges their strengths – either through mentorship, public speaking etc.

For all members of all monarchies to be forced to follow the same legal system as their civilians – that is full legal accountability. Including going to prison, where necessary.

The reinstatement of the death penalty – a penalty which must be agreed to by every acting member of the United Nations. Rape carried out by a person acting under their own agency – over the age of consent – should be punished by death or a life imprisonment, unless they have a long standing history of psychological abuse, sexual abuse etc – in which case further investigations should be made and the details made available to the public.

Lie detectors should be used in all court cases, all statements made should be done so with the person reporting attached to a lie detector also. The results should be given to all participants and also their legal team, and the results should be compared in front of the persons participating in the tests before copies are distributed.

The police should also be forced to participate in offering multiple statements, as is expected of civilians – and attached to lie detectors.

The police should be treated as the military are, and subject to death penalty where they have abused their authority – as the military are. Or otherwise not be police. Police statements and records pertaining to all cases – should be available to members of the public, as should their various reports while attached to lie detectors.

Police who have been determined as being dishonest or otherwise unethical should be removed from their positions and any references provided to future employers should include details of these instances.

Civil Servants such as Firemen, Nurses, Doctors etc – should engage in bi-annual discrepancy lie detectors where they are asked in depth about whether they have actively participated in deliberate malpractice or abuse or dishonesty (or used their “power and authority” to stalk or access civilians privately) and those details and records should be made available to the public. If you are a civil servant, your employment records and reports and history, including people’s testimonials of your service – should also be made available to civilians.

There should be a religious equivalent to both the military and the police – that is I believe in the instatement of Templars who live in accordance with respect for all RELIGIOUS laws – who have therefore studied theology, the arts, the sciences, law and who actively participate in a ‘faithful’ lifestyle. Templars ought to be considered above both the police and the military and who identify as Protectors and Worldly Guardians to the United Nations’; and where the legal system has failed an individual – their judgement should override the legal system’s.

The Media should no longer be used to report incidents and incite fear – all incidents involving civil servants should be documented publicly and made available to all – with civilian’s details kept private.

Doctors and nurses should document their actions, decisions and expenditures in detail and those records should be available to the public. Hospital bills and expenditures should be available to the public, including the figures of salaries of all employees.

Football should be made illegal.

This is a demand:

All civil servants, people currently enlisted in the military and footballers currently employed – should be forced to take numerous lie detector tests and asked if they have ever purchased roofies, have ever used their status as a footballer to engage in acts of violence (particularly racially motivated violence), whether they have ever involved themselves in inciting hatred or practicing acts of intimidation outside of their sport (playing football for an hour once in awhile), domestic violence, sexual abuse or rape – if they have witnessed conversations in which sexual abuse or rape was alluded to or joked about, if they are able to astrally project/leave their bodies and if they have ever used the ability to observe people without express consent, if they have ever funded or engaged in or stalked a person or persons, if they have ever encouraged their children to copy these behaviours, if they have ever purposely engaged in methods of control over their partners to coerce them into states of insecurity and servileness or other abuse, if they have ever stolen children, if they have ever participated in arranging for a woman to have a miscarriage or lose a child,  if they have ever knowingly engaged in pedophilloic acts or visited brothels where they were offered sexual slaves or women who had been drugged out of the capacity to consent to an act, whether they have ever engaged in or witnessed sexual acts with people who were “slaves” or otherwise not able to consent, if they have ever engaged in methods of mind control to make a woman consent to what would have otherwise been considered a rape, whether they have ever entered the residence of a civilian without permission.
They should be asked if they have ever sought protection from the entities that they work for for committing illegal acts.

It should be noted that it is easy for some people to falsify lie detector tests, so these tests should be filmed and both the results and the video should be made available to the public. There should also be heart monitors attached, blood tests, urine tests carried out and hair samples taken – to determine whether any muscle relaxants or other drugs are in their systems that might affect their responses to the questions. I personally think a person should have to take a lie detector naked – I would do it.

I promise you, you’ll need a huge tour bus en route to a maximum security prison for these men, who will have to be protected from other prisoners. You’ll need another for the women that knew what was going on and did/said nothing.

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