I spent today clearing things out, including my mobile phone. I’m not finished but I’m thankful for the motivation to do it, and in-no-small-part I dedicate that gratitude entirely to Marie Condo and the co-hosts that invite viewers into their homes. I made an iphone diary about it. I’ll get to uploading it soon.

I took these on my last morning in Denmark. This cat is most expressive. I’d like to make a book documenting some of my phone memories but I have to work out if I really want all those memories. My inner detective says to keep a hold of them for later.


L < AK

Invest in this Tarot card set. Don’t rely on the guide book, although it is wonderful. Endeavour to read about the stories of all of the archetypes depicted in the cards. I’m going to buy a few boxes next time I have the cash and stock them in my shoppe.

This card set actually helped me to prove that Tarot cards are an entirely accurate means of divination, but becoming a good reader takes time and also the help and dialogue and tutelage of good spiritual teachers. Being able to use cards to understand a person – sometimes in a more intimate way than they have ever been understood before – requires that you have learned to be ethical, non-judgemental and prepared to be abused by people who haven’t ever thought to invest in therapy and who have never opened up about their true nature. Sometimes because they’ve never comprehended they have one that differs from the performance they put on around strangers or acquaintances that they believed to have been friends. A lot of humility is required to read cards for someone and if someone is reading for you – be prepared to offer gratitude because in order to offer a reading you must also convey some aspect of your own story too.



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