I love them


I want to dress them and like. Anime-direct how they do their make up.


Levi wears dandy shirts with black smokey eyes and perfect eyebrows and maybe one or two of those little eyelashes. He’s about devastating subtlety.



Sephiroth is not subtle can get away with no shirt and a floor length coat and boots and flamboyant and unnecessary belts. And silver hair. And like, smoking a bit too much and generally being a bit evil.

CAN SOMEONE FIND ME AN ANIME LOOK PLEASE. I AM DYING (not really though, not ever) (not again)

They’re literally different aspects of the same character archetypally. Levi is ‘legal’ and Sephiroth doesn’t need to be legal. Because he is owned by the state. Sort of. He does the bidding of the state under the pretence that he’s torn away but he was given/led to everything he knows.
Thats kind of the story.

They’d be offended by the sentiment but this is weird yaoi.

“I am only friends with you because you totally remind me of myself”

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