I designed myself some personal stationary, and I commissioned for 
some small suedette bags with a 2 dimensional image of a vision I saw
 in a meditation many years ago: when I asked to understand
soulmates and twinflames.

 The bags will be sold - with personally analysed -crystals 
on my site:

Well, I’m feeling tremendously “positive” – over the last two days, sorry – no – two years – I’ve been working extremely hard. I’ve had a somewhat difficult holiday season but not even that can really stop me.

Tonight, I listened to a Seth Speaks video on youtube – one I’ve listened to consistently every month or so since I was first introduced to Jane Roberts teachings through Esther and Abraham.
I was touched by a moment in which Seth said – through Jane – that we cannot escape the true natures of our familial relationships. Throughout my life I have learned that when I am met with a heartfelt apology, it is correct to return the gesture with heartfelt forgiveness.
I am hurt by my childhood, and it is justified – I make all sorts of excuses for a family I’d prefer not to associate with. But some things are not excusable. No one else will ever be able to empathise with what I’ve experienced, no matter what they see or read or have heard me or my relatives say. I’m trying to forgive the professionals that did not practice any kind of acceptable judgement over my circumstances, did not practice any kind of sensitivity, who broke laws and ignored their oaths and contributed to what had already been a life of – serious, serious abuse. I believe in karma with all of my heart. I believe in truth with all of my heart.

No one else can validate that I had a hard time, no one can really comprehend the insult of the hurts I experienced as a child being brought back to my memory every time I walk through my mother’s house, I want to forget about all of that and get over it – when I was younger I chose to pretend that none of that had ever happened and I did a very good job of it.  SPEAKING OF JOBS –

My cv is coming together.

I believe the time for appearing ‘professional’ is well and truly over – I think that if you really want to hire someone you should know who they really are. I’m happy for my personal life and my CV to be showcased on the same online destination. I’ve returned sort of, to >> some thoughts I had in October. <<

I do not do secrets, I’m the same person at home as I am anywhere else. I believe the most marketable traits are honesty and integrity.

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