I’ve been putting together a few gifts. The above bag is a design of mine, in collaboration with a designer on etsy – for >>one of my shops. << Which I’ve been working on for almost two years now.

And the slip is a piece of stationery I designed for myself using collage and scribbles and all sorts. I’m so proud of both.


I was thinking of Michelle Yeoh when I took this, can you tell?

I’m in bed having a cigarette and I’m about to listen to Esther Hicks.

I made some purchases in December – things I need in the pursuit of my next ambitions in life. A few pages of my site are coming together, but need much more work. So do forgive that they’re a bit of an incomprehensible mess right now.

I'm putting together one of those shopping hauls cos I'm quite proud 
of my purchases, like, I LOVE them. Someone on LinkedIn suggested I 
consider monetising my blog so I'm going to try to get into the swing
of things once I've tidied it and uploaded some of the content I've 
prepared. Mostly little videos, nothing particularly exciting yet but
hopefully they'll lead me to doing something interesting.


I think, tomorrow I will go to Ealing Broadway to take some photographs of the architecture that I enjoy/feel somehow represents the vibe I associate with my life in this town. I’m hoping to move away soon though. Ideally to be near to RADA, or alternatively to join the Army. I have to live close to my next step in life. I’m hoping to live alone in a run-down place that I can decorate and do up – interior design is actually a passion of mine.

[Edited 24th January to add I keep updating >> this post << with photos of Ealing]

I actually need to drop off a cheque from EE, who kindly reimbursed me with a refund. I think I wrote about it somewhere here awhile ago and I’m glad that they’ve been true to their word! It is so appreciated – though a little too infrequent – when businesses meet their own standards.


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